Guess What’s 4 Dinner

Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn for breakfast.

Jupiter, Venus, and Mars

I wonder what we are having for dinner?

Oh boy! Mama brought us a gopher!

Mama got in the nest and started feeding the owlets bits of gopher.

The biggest owlet climbed out of the nest while Mama still fed gopher bits to the other owlets.

Buddy is Wowled out. But there is still more to go, Buddy!

The next owlet got out of the nest, Mama fed the littlest owlet a few more gopher bits then she got out of the nest.

All three watched the smallest owlet gnaw on the gopher before Mama flew off to look for another gopher.

The two older owlets hung out on the edge for a while before one jumped back into the nest. The third owlet pondered the nest. It was getting dark when the feeding frenzy started, is was dark while the third owlet pondered, so we left it looking at its sibling.

Afternoon clouds looking southeast.

Looking west just before sundown.

42 thoughts on “Guess What’s 4 Dinner

  1. Oh wow! So much to marvel at! πŸŒŒπŸ¦‰πŸΆ Looks like those owl babies are doing some exploring out of their nest and Buddy is adorable.

  2. A fascinating up close and personal visual intrusion into meal time at the nest. How far are you from the nest? It seems like Mama Owl occasionally is looking at you…

    • HI Maj & Sher. I’m 30 to 50 feet from the nest. They can see we gawkers clearly. The first, second and fourth photos in the owl series are cropped. The rest of the images are how they came off the card with the exception of bringing the exposure up a stop and a half.

  3. Your early dawn sly is beautiful, and the sunset spectacular! The wowlets seem to be coming along nicely. Mama and Daddy Owl are good providers.

    We had enough of a break in the clouds to the east to catch sunrise. 20 minutes later it filled in again. It was 43 degrees this morning.

  4. Gopher… it sounds like a Beverly Hillbilly’s dinner.

    Kidding aside, Tim, those wowlets are adorable. You’ve really outdone yourself documenting the little critters this year. It seems as though you’ve made a paparazzi pact with Mama & Daddy owl. Kind of a privilege.

  5. Now that is a fulfilling owl post! You captured the full gambit, Mama ridding the world of damn gopher (there’s plenty more at my house if she needs more), shots of the owlets, behavior shots.. etc. Could look at these shots all day.

  6. I absolutely love watching the sky there and the wowlets. That photograph of you getting the gopher that mom brought to the birds is incredible! It looked alive to me, the little ones are so precious. If more people loved nature the way you do Tim the world would be a better place. My husband saves earthworms in the morning after a rain that can’t make it back to the grass from the street. He puts them in his pocket and they live in his large compost bin. Thank you for sharing this beauty of the world around you with us.

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