33 thoughts on “Black Phoebe Snow

    • Hi Liz. Their range is mostly Mexico and coastal California.This area is the northern most edge of their range. I’m lucky to see one.

      • Birders abound here. I’m not much of a birder. I like photographing birds, but all the details are too much for my ADHD.

    • It was 32 when I went outside to photograph the conjunction between 5:00 and 5:30 this morning. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • I can’t say if there is a nest. It’s buzzing us didn’t seem aggressive. It was more like, “Excuse me. I’m squeezing between you two.” It was funny that he chose to fly between us as opposed to around us. It perches close to us. Too close for me to focus with the Bazooka that has a minimum focal distance of 11 feet. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  1. I love these flycatchers! I call them the chimney sweeps of the birding world – although I might start calling them Snows ..or along those same line Cates ha. None of them around my parts, but we get to see them on our trips to Las Vegas and Texas. Great shots.

  2. We have a black phoebe that likes to hang out around our pool. He sits, chirping, on the edge, then darts out and grabs a bug (or something?), dipping his wings in the water. He is definitely sassy.

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