Conjunction — Jupiter & Venus

Jupiter and Venus were sitting side by side as they rose a little after 5:00 am. Mars and Saturn were in line with Venus spread out at almost equidistance between each. The sky was smokey from forest fires, and Saturn was in the smoke lit up by the light pollution from the city.

Jupiter with two moons showing. Venus to the right.

Mars is a red point of light.

I was able to get the rings of Saturn through the light pollution and smoke. Saturn does not have good visibility right now. In June it will have excellent visibility, so I should get much better photos of the rings in June.

The early morning sky viewed directly above me.

I swept the floors this morning. Glenda thought I was making room for her to bring in more loads of dirt, which she did.

Mama Owl was perched on the edge of the nest at 4:30 this afternoon before she flew off in search of food. An owlet waited patiently.

46 thoughts on “Conjunction — Jupiter & Venus

  1. Very impressed with the Saturn ring shot. I need to get out and do some night sky shots once things settle down around here. I do have some full and eclipsed moon shots in the queue to process.

    • She saw your post and wanted to be in solidarity with Jimi. Dirty cats unite! Thanks, Herman.

  2. Please keep the place tidy so there’s room for more important stuff like grass and weeds and a mouse. The owls have a perfectly camouflaged house and they aren’t leaving. Plus they are waiting for you to get them on the cover of NG.

    • The owls want to see their smiling faces on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Between leaving windows and doors open, the wind and the cats bring a lot of dirt into the house. It’s hard to tell the inside from the outside around here. Thanks, Holly.

  3. Those are beautiful sky photos, Tim. It was raining here yesterday morning. I enjoyed seeing the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn.

    Glenda is a very helpful kitty, and a pretty one! The owlets look like they are growing quickly. The parents do a good job of feeding them.

    • Clear and dry here. The kitties are proud of the loads of dirt they bring inside. Thanks, Lavinia.

  4. A wonderful show with the orange no doubt catching some of the fire?
    These cats and their trackings …It makes me wonder why I clean the house. Ha! Someone jumped so high with a dead lizard at her feet the other day visiting. 😹

    • The orange is from the lights of Albuquerque. None of the fires are close to us, but we get lots of smoke from the fires. Thanks, Cindy.

  5. “I swept the floors this morning. Glenda thought I was making room for her to bring in more loads of dirt, which she did” – she knows who is the boss 🙂

  6. Amazing how the cats track dirt around!!!!
    Do your guys roll on carpets, and their fur rolls off and make corn rolls?
    Thank for the night skies. Saturn looks amazing!
    The smoke doesn’t look too thick.

    • The kitties roll on the bathroom throw rugs and leave corn rolls on them. We only have carpet in the bedroom it’s a super soft carpet so they don’t leave corn rolls on it. Lots of kitty litter gets thrown around. Thanks, Resa.

  7. The shots of the sky and the alignment is just amazing. The rings to Saturn are incredible as are the two moons. The shots are so incredibly. I always enjoy watching the incredible owls and owletts. Thank Tim for sharing your spot, incredible.

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