D-Wowl & Wowlet Action

Jupiter moved further around to the right of Venus this morning. Mars and Saturn are really spreading out.

Venus and Jupiter with three of Jupiter’s moons.

Owlet profile and then giving the Paparazzo “mad dogs.”

D-Wowl looking cool.

D-Wowl scratching an itch and nibbling on his talons.

Wowlet action series.

Tonight’s sliver moon.

52 thoughts on “D-Wowl & Wowlet Action

  1. Marvelous images, Tim. We never cease to be amazed at the sky shots. Jupiter moons…wow. Daddy Owl preening is fun, and the three rascals are a joy to see. Thanks again for sharing the results of your behind the camera talent.

  2. D-Wowl looks very cool, and his youngsters are adorable. The third little wowlet seem to be keeping a low profile in this series. Is he or she still there? I didn’t find the 3rd head in the photos, but they may have blended in well.

    I enjoyed the sky photos. It is still overcast up here.

    • One of the local owl fans said all three were out of the nest yesterday morning. Thnaks, Tiffany.

  3. The wowlets are getting restless – starting to stretch out their wings and explore a bit outside their nest. They are growing up nicely.

    • They are growing up fast. The two older owlets were playing around on the edge of the nest tonight. It runt was popping its head up now and then. Thanks, Brian.

    • I don’t know how old he is. However, he’s probably at least 7 years old. Theu reach sexual maturity by age two, and he and Mama have been nesting in that tree since 2017. Thanks, Resa.

  4. Thanks so much Tim we both enjoyed this set of photographs, the three moons of Jupiter were incredibly and the babies are just such an amazing site. We were looking at how large the adult talons are and the pads on their feet. Just incredible. Thanks from the two of us.

  5. Thank you Tim. I was not getting any comments until later today and none from the last three sites I went into. So if there are more you responded too please just know I would never ignore your comments. I called wordpress and they had it working by this afternoon but it doesn’t include those that did not send comments. I always enjoy going into your site. Scott enjoys it too and loves looking at all the beauty on your land and the critters, so we do it together. Big hugs and lots of love, Joni

  6. Reblogged this on ~ Trivial Music Silliness ~ and commented:
    This is to spread the word and encourage all of you who are not already following Timothy Price’s Owl Family Saga – as well as his night sky photos, commentary, cat gang shenanigans, flowers, cranes, mountains, poetry… not to mention parodies and other original music… you should be following him.

    • Thanks, Ed. The owls have flown to coop, but there are lots of owls from the past. The cats are always up to no good.

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