Spider Lilies Post Strawberry Moon

Thunderstorm with rain that never reaches the ground.

What we call Spider Lilies finally decided to bloom after getting watered on Thursday

I missed the Strawberry Moon on Thursday night because of clouds and trees. Last night we were still at Laurie’s parents’ house a little after 10 pm when the post Strawberry Strawberry Moon rose.

Cool & Picante On A Hot Afternoon

The temperature was only 100º F (37.8º C) when I prepared this meal of a salad (made by Laurie), extra sharp cheddar cheese, hot salsa, corn chips and blueberries.

Betsy Bunny

Scattered clouds tonight.

Muted colors on the clouds in the east at sunset.

Tonight was the first night it was clear enough to see the moon from our property.

Mountains on the moon.

Super Flower Blood Moon

All of the blood moon photos were shot between 4:30 am and 5:04 am. I changed my exposure allowing the non-eclipsed portion of the moon to washout. When there is no cloud cover it easier to keep the non-eclipsed portions of the moon from washing out. The bright parts of the moon cast a glow off of the thin cloud cover that turned into heavier clouds as the moon sank toward the horizon. After the moon slipped behind the tree I walked up the road to where I could barely see the white sliver of the moon through the haze. After that it disappeared. The full eclipse was at 5:18 am, but it had slipped behind the clouds and out of sight.

More flowers and roses for the Super Flower Blood Moon.

All three owlets have flown into the bosque. They are near the Tangle Heart Tree. Can you find them in the above photo? I’m not sure you can see Mona Lisa from the photo. I believe she is blocked by a branch. This is a higher resolution image than I normally upload, so you can click on it to see the full image and enlarge the image to help find the owlets.

A super-wide view of the area the owlets are in with the Tangle Heart Tree on the right.

Contrails when I got home.

Wild sky of the Sandias and Rio Grande.

More wild skies. The last shot was sunset tonight.

Pre-Bloody Super Flower Moon Rise

The Flowers: Mutant Peace, Peonies and Rio Samba.

The western clouds were beautiful, but not promising for a clear sky in the wee hours of the morning when the Super Flower Moon gets bloody. I’ll get up a 3:00am and check the sky.

The Super Flower Moon Rise.

Super Flower Moon

Super-wide-angle view of the Super Flower Moon rising over the Sandias and Rio Grande.

Super Flower Moon in the clouds.

Can you find Venus?

You should be able to see Venus in the above photo.

There was nice color in the west, but I missed most of it photographing the moon.

Peony Moon

At 5:18 am Wednesday morning, I should be able to see and photograph the Super Flower Blood Moon, which will be a full lunar eclipse. We have had two days and one night of crystal clear skies. The forecast is for clear skies tomorrow, but clouds on Wednesday. The big question is will the sky be clear between 2:47 am when the eclipse begins, and 6:02 am when the moon sets on Wednesday morning? We’ll see. In the meantime, I present you with our first fully bloomed Peony and the moon at 97.7% full.

My New Lens Is A Phone

I was going to buy a ultra-wide-angle lens for my Fuji XE-1 that I used to use as a carry camera. But the 10-24mm zoom lens is quite large, which makes it not as desirable to carry when I’m also carrying the Bazooka on a 7D Mark II body, and the 70-200mm zoom lens a 5Ds body. I have been using my iPhone XE for all street photography and wide-angle photos, stitching together panoramas for ultra-wide-angle shots. I finally decided that since an iPhone 12 Mini was the same price as a Fuji 10-24mm lens, I might as well upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 12 Mini. The 12 Mini is the same form factor as the old iPhone 5, which is my favorite style of iPhone case, and the camera has wide-angle and super-wide-angle. The iPhone 12 Pro has telephoto, also, but I have the Bazooka and the iPhone 12 is bigger than I like.

What’s really nice with the iPhone 12 Mini is the “Portrait” setting works for any abject or critter as you can see in the photos of the kitties and the America Rose above. The “Portrait” setting on my iPhone SE only worked on human faces. When I tried using it on the cats, or anything else, it said “No faces recognized” and would not take a photo. I’m really happy with the camera on the iPhone 12 Mini.

All photos below were shot with the Bazooka 400mm lens on a Canon 7D Mark II body.

Tiny butterfly.

Spunk & Moon

Spunk is really getting into orchiding.

Crows hanging on in the wind.

Sleepy, with Mona Lisa behind him, trying to duck out of the wind. Major Tom Peepers has flown to another tree.

A fly on Taboo.

The Skies Must Be Crazy

Swallows from below and above.

Rose in the late afternoon light.

Bird on a line, owlets in the cottonwood. Sleepy is wide awake.

Moon through clouds.

They sky was crazy tonight. It had me running from one end of the property to the other the get all the angles.

Intermission: I walked up to the fence along the north side of the property to do another panoramic photo, and got a horse kiss.

The end of the crazy skies.

Find The Owls Again

Can you find the Owlets in this photo? The above photo is a full-sized so when you click on it, you should be a able to see a little better.

Hint: Major Tom Peepers was in a pretty distinctive spot in the tree tonight.

I wonder which Owlet is Sleepy? This photo might give you a clue about where Sleepy and Mona Lisa were.

Western Tanager? Blue Grosbeak and Mystery yellow-bellied bird across the river at Beaver Point.

More Iris blooming.

Down by the river

How many faces can you find?

Lots of clouds. Lots of brush strokes. Not as much reds and oranges as I was hoping for.

Canonical Day

Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price

I finished recording a new original song on Sunday. Gabriela at Short Prose Blog, asked me if I was going to send her a poem, so I sent here Canonical Day, and told I had been working on the music. She wanted the song also, but didn’t say for what reason in her replies. Now that I have the computer I use for recording back, I checked to see where I was on the song. I had gotten the “Ticktock” sound for the clock created and that was it. I spent most of Sunday recording and assembling tracks. Tonight I added a little bit of synth to the recording after Marina mentioned she would probably add synthesizer. I had done a lead guitar track, but decided it detracted too much and took it out. The synth I added is subtle and it seems to work.

In case you don’t know what a Canonical Day is, it’s the liturgical hours of the day defined as follows:

Vigil – eighth hour of night: 2 a.m.
Matins – a later portion of Vigil, from 3 a.m. to dawn.
Lauds – dawn; approximately 5 a.m., but varies seasonally.
Prime – early morning, the first hour of daylight, approximately 6 a.m.
Terce – third hour, 9 a.m.
Sext – sixth hour, noon.
Nones – ninth hour, 3 p.m.
Vespers – sunset, approximately 6 p.m.
Compline – end of the day before retiring, approximately 7 p.m.

The poem came to me while I was listening to a lecture on theology. I was thinking, while monks get up at Vigil or Matins to pray, I get up at Matins to pee in a nightly Vigil after the kitties have stomped across my bladder. That gave me the idea to write a poem using the Canonical Hours based on a general day in a life. The poem has one or two Canonical Hours per verse, or perverse, depending on how one wants to look at it. After I got the verses down, I decided to add choruses and make a song out it.

I’m happy I took the time to record the song on Sunday as Gabriela has good intentions for both the poem and the song.

Canonical Day
By Timothy Price

Bombed at Vigil
kitties in the night
Matins listens
Hoot under moon’s light

Lauds wakens Dawn
Throw off covers
Spread colors
Reds, pinks, yellows
Tugs on sun lights blue skies

Primetime rise
Face another day
Lost in ironic phases
Teeth comb hair
Sad and pretty faces

Sacred routines never fail
Hundreds, ten, thousand times
Begins each day a blessed right
Immortality of the whole

Terce it all coffee’s cold
Virtual whistles blow
Tap on keys, boxes packed,
Phone music
Plays on hold

Sext at last
Food fantasy
Peanut butter tofu chicken
Thirty minutes of ecstasy

Nones dear coffee’s cold
Eyelids weigh a tonne
Ninth hour sleepy time
For Heaven’s sake stay awake

Sacred ways never fail
Hundreds, ten, thousand times
As each day goes by some insane
Immortality of the whole

Vapors rise at vespers
Dinners hot-cold served
Debates circles tables
World made right
For an instance

Compline pulls on covers
Sun tucked in welcomes night
Bedtime lost videos play
Medianoche greets another day

Sacred darkness never fails
Hundreds, ten, thousand times
Conjures spirits Ether
Immortality of the whole

Spunk @ Compline

As a dry and dusty storm blew in this afternoon, the temperature dropped from 82ºF to 59ºF from one hour to the next. The sun managed to throw a slight bit of red on the clouds at the horizon as a last hurrah before slipping into to its sunny slumber.

The moon got a sepia tone from the thin layer of clouds catching what color they could from the setting sun.