Allusive Green

Using apps that showed me where the Green Comet should have been, I photographed the night sky in hopes of getting some sort of sighting. Between the 94% full moon and general light pollution, the Greeny is too faint to see. I’ll try again on the 10th when Greeny will be close to Mars and the moon with come up late.

Birds & Stars


An attempt to photograph the Green Comet. It was near Polaris last night.


Moon and Mars


Jupiter and moons


Eastern sky. Mars to the left of the moon in the moon’s glow.

A second Jack

Green Ghost Flies

From a fiery pit
Green ghost flies from damnation
Satin lost his grip

When I took the photo of the sparks flying from the burning embers as they were stirred, I did not see the ghost until I processed the photo. Since I had “Live View” on when I took the photo, I was able to create the above animated GIF from the images that make up the live view image.

December Moon & Mars

December Moon hung in the clouds with Mars
Reminiscing about times gone by
Mars recounted all the wars, almost too many to count
The Moon thought of peaceful times, few and far between
“Inflicting misery and woe are the ways of men,” reminded Mars
“Nothing can be done!”
December Moon hung alone in the trees at dawn
“My peace be with you!”

Ripples & Folds

Jupiter tows Moon across the sky
Rippling the fabric of space and time
Jupiter lost in a fold

Mars hangs above Resa’s tree
Kiss Flying-V points to two
The Pleiades questions tenebrous
Capella looks at ten
Uranus sits dimly on one