Splash & Dash

Rise and shine the balloons are coming!

Splash and Dash are when pilots land their balloons in the Rio Grande and then take off again. The river is low enough right now that the gondolas can sit on the bottom of the river since there are only a few inches of water in most places. When the river is running higher, they truly “splash and dash”, or they risk getting carried away by the current if they linger in a higher, fast-flowing current. In 2015 one balloonist hit the water like a Kamikaze. You can see the post at https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2015/10/splash-down. Today the pilots mostly sat their gondolas in the swallows for a few minutes before taking off again. Several balloons splashed in more than one location. The 5-minute video below shows balloons floating in for their splashes and dashes.

Contrails & Special Shapes


Today was the special shapes rodeo. I did not see as many special shapes as in years past. Many of them barely rose above the trees and then went back down.

All the contrails for the morning jets.

Clouds are best at making special shapes.


Birthday & Balloons

Today is Laurie’s birthday and the second day of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with a mass ascension.

One of the helium balloons taking off last night.

Tim TALK – Bloody Awful Interviews From The Black Bamboo

The Frumpy Man has started a new series called Tim TALKBloody Awful Interviews From The Black Bamboo. His first interview of one of the members of the AWB is bloody awful. AWB is a little slow and basically tries my ADHD. The interview is 10:27. I won’t be surprised if you can’t get through it, but it does have its moments. The best part for me is the original theme song played on AWB’s new multi-scale, 7 string guitar. AWB butchers his chord demonstration of what you can do with a 7th string. I borrowed his guitar and produced a decent theme song for the video.

If you can’t get through the video, the new guitar has a multi-scale fingerboard, which means it has fanned frets. The 7th string is tuned to B for my purposes, which gives me low C and D chords that are lower than open C and D chords on a 6 string guitar.



Contemplating Eschaton


Prime time loosed Laudes shades
Colors fly on clouds at dawn
Sunflowers’ faces looking east
Contemplating eschaton

Drama of their world
Between what is and what will be
A risen sun, the end of summer
From Terce to Sext to Nones is eternity

Arcoíris pulls on Vespers
Eternal promise lights cut dim
Sun checks out at Compline
Martins tucks it in

Sunflowers tall bow their heads
Rooted firmly holding sand
Contemplating darkness see
The end is at hand