Dawning Of A Sliver Moon

Sliver moon left. Procyon middle right. Alhena upper right. Sirius far right.

This rose is a great representation of aging.

A Timku
How are you doing?
Toxic liver, bad kidneys
Mr. Happy’s sad

Sirius is the bright star in the center third of the photo below Orian’s Belt.

A closer view. I don’t know what was making the streak to the left of Orian’s Belt. It changed position slightly from the first shot.

Jupiter is in the lower right at the treeline.

Mars, The Pleiades, and Uranus are aligned.

Carolingian Minuscule Anyone?

I don’t suppose these young Renaissance enthusiasts changed the fonts in their instant messengers to Carolingian minuscule for texting while in character. Carolingian minuscule was developed in the middle ages (the “Dark Ages” to the Renaissance humanists) during the reign of Charlemagne, but those very humanists thought that the Carolingian minuscule script was so beautiful that it had come from their beloved Roman Empire. So much so, that the humanists mistook old Carolingian manuscripts from the 8th and 9th centuries as original ancient Roman manuscripts. Since the humanists failed in their backward quest to restore the glory of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance didn’t happen as it was supposed to. Scientific inquiry, experimentation, and observation, theology, economics, education, etc. of the time proved that so many things from the Roman Empire were wrong, “the Renaissance” is the high middle ages and the early modern period. However, it seems to me young people in costume, on their phones texting at a Renaissance Faire is true to the Renaissance.

Protodawn, predawn, dawn

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon rose yellow. I was still in August and David caught my error. Thanks, David. The full moon is on Saturday, September 10th, but the moon does not pass the meridian tonight. Therefore, is close enough for Rock and Roll to be considered full of itself.


The Corn Moon rising at sunset.

The Harvest Moon at dusk.

A gas balloon was hanging in the southern sky. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta starts on October 1st. There are 768 Balloons registered to fly this year.

The Harvest Moon rising under a happy kitty in the clouds.


Studies In Lights & Skies

Spunk: “What’s this crap you are forcing on your viewers now? At least it’s more colorful than coyote crap!”

Loki: “This is how you make ‘Art’ Paparazzo. All you need is a sharp set of claws! Your Bazooka is lame when it comes to shredding!”

Sasha: “You’re making my eyes weird with those ‘Enlightened Stool Samples’ or whatever you called them.”

Only 69 Days Left


The crescent moon shining through the clouds at dawn.

There are only 69 days left until Halloween, and Lowe’s has you covered! I walked into Lowe’s to buy some supplies for a project and was greeted by ghoulish displays.

The big guy is ten or twelve feet tall. He lights up, flashes, wiggles, and growls when you step on the button.

Spunk doesn’t give a paw about Halloween.

Loki and Glenda think they define Halloween. Silver and Spunk could care less.