46 thoughts on “Missed Moonrise

    • Those are the radio, TV and other communications towers El notice were missing from the top of the Sandias when he drove the the wormhole. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. Really like the lines in those first two and something about the solid circle among the random clouds drives your eye right to the moon.

  2. They are beautiful, Tim, and I love Nature’s color scheme with golden foreground, dark mountains and blue sky. We are finally getting some reasonably clear nights for moon viewing now that the moon is waning.

  3. Stunning, Tim!
    It’s kinda crazy how we see these towers in some shots, yet the Sandias look pristine and un-invaded in others. xx

    • It’s nice when the moon comes up as the sun goes down. I can get the moon and landscape together and have detail in both.

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