Flying To The Moon

A crane flew to the moon one night
A silhouette against the cool light
Icarus flew close to the sun
He burned his wings, fell back to earth
The crane asked the broken man
“Why oh why are you such a fool? Men are not meant to fly!
Why oh why try to fly to the sun when by and by…”
The crane said with a heavy sigh
“…you know that you will surely die!”

Bloody Beaver Moon / Contrails Gone Wild

Dawn anticipates the violence of the sun

Contrails mark the night sky as they are blown, and reshaped into apparitions.

The beaver moon shining bright, and full of itself, rises in anticipation of becoming a bloody beaver moon in the wee hours of the morning†.

The above photo is only representative of the blood moon that will happen almost 8 hours after this post’s posting.

†There will be a full eclipse of the moon in the wee hours of the morning on 11/8/22 that will be visible from my location starting at 1:00 am. The full eclipse will be at 3:59 am. The moon will set before the eclipse ends at 6:56, close to sunrise.