86 thoughts on “Hi Y’all! How Are Ya?

  1. Iโ€™ve been awaiting these images. The owlets are so cute! Thanks for the smiles.

    • I believe there are three, but I won’t know for sure until I see all three faces. Since they hatch some days apart. The third is a runt and last to show up. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. I love how you capture a growing family. I am traveling for the next month so will be in and out of WiFI – just wanted you to know that I am following you and enjoying your posts even though I may not be able to leave a comment.

    • Dear Timothy,

      I concur with Holly. Thank you for featuring my avian colleagues, the owlets, so commendably through the fruitful results of bird-watching in conjunction with excellent photography as well as your love of Nature and wildlife. I would like to resonate with your excellent post with my following image:

      Wishing you and Holly a wonderfully productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!

      Happy April to you and Holly! May your days and nights in April be even more satisfying!

      Yours sincerely,

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, SoundEagle. I love your collage. You have all the right elements. We have coyotes that howl at the moon.

      • Dear Timothy,

        You are very welcome. I am delighted by your reply. Like you, I also like owls very much. Thank you for complimenting me on my collage, which is featured in my post entitled “๐ŸŽด If My Name Were Moon Tonightโ€ฆ ๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒ๐ŸŽ‘๐Ÿˆท with Clair de Lune ๐ŸŒ•“, where you get the chance to watch my dynamic animation produced in high resolution (1920 x 1280) synchronized perfectly to Debussy’s Clair de Lune. The effects are going to be great on the large screen of your desktop or laptop. Moreover, you should be able to see that the entire post from top to bottom is full of eye-catching animations. This animation-intensive post is the result of my dramatic attempt to bring the Full Moon alive, so to speak, in the form of Music Animation with Dynamic Visualization presented in high definition and imbued with a scintillating full moon surrounded by eye-catching astronomical phenomena and stellar activities!

        Given that you are very fond of the owlets, if you are willing to search and look carefully in my said post, you will be able to find a small animated barn owl turning its head near an open fire. The direct link to the post is:


        I wonder how long you have been an ornithologist. Your photographs are indeed excellent.

        Yours sincerely,

      • I can’t say I’m an ornithologist. I like to photograph birds, animals and anything of interest. I would qualify more as a herpetologist. Excellent music visualization. I agree with your “We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-like Technology.” Although I would say many of our institutions represent the mythical “Dark Ages” than the middle ages.

      • Dear Timothy,

        Thank you for your reply. I would be delighted and grateful if you would kindly leave some comment(s) at my post(s) as a token of your visit. You are welcome to copy and paste some or all of your previous reply as part of your forthcoming comment to be submitted to the comment section of my post(s), to which your esteemed reply clearly pertains and also belongs. Please feel free to expand on your comment if you have additional matters to convey about the posts and any salient aspects of their contents. Thank you in anticipation.

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        Yours sincerely,

      • I tried to comment on the paleolithic, medieval post, but WP would not let me. There are various blogs where the comments boxes won’t respond. It’s very annoying. I usually have to comment through the reader on those blogs. I have not try to comment through the reader on your blog. Another blogger ran into the same issue trying to comment on my blog. I told her to try commenting through the reader, and she said that worked. Another WP mystery.

      • Dear Timothy,

        I am at a loss as to why you are having the problem, given that there are already about 123 comments submitted to my post entitled “We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-like Technology“, and many of the comments were submitted in situ right at the post.

        Please feel free to submit your comment(s) via the Reader.

        Yours sincerely,

    • They are so much fun too watch bob around looking out on the world with curiosity. Thanks, Holly.

      • I know, itโ€™s enchanting to watch these beautiful bird families. They have taken on their on personalities! Itโ€™s delightful Timothy! Thank for sharing your amazing natural world.

  3. such cute little alien faces getting more expressive. Mama owl must trust you with her eyes closed as the wee one is gawking at you so wide eyed Tim!~

  4. A doorstep treasure, those owls and owlets, which we can see thanks to your photographicalisationing skills, so clearly, thanks! Jealous? Me? Yes!

  5. Wow, wowlets!
    I’m surprised at the different sizes. Obviously they don’t all hatch in a day.

    So, I went to the art supplies store yesterday to get 3 sheets of bristol board.
    I started using the paper from the dream. The board is a smooth surface to draw on.
    Anyway, it’s still Mother Hubbard’s cupboard over there.
    Worse, big sign saying they are discontinuing the Canson products. OMG!!!
    You know the paper is my fave.
    So, again, I am grateful!!!!!! The paper you sent will last a long while!

    • Thanks, Resa. Toronto is in sad shape when it comes to art supplies. I’m happy to get you resupplied.

      • You are very sweet, Tim.
        I can’t think of any other time there were supply chain issues.
        People are waiting months for appliances.
        A year for a new car. Used cars are fetching big bucks.
        Limes went from $.50 to $1.00.
        However, we have lots of pot in Canada. Lololol! I swear that industry kept the government afloat during Covid. The fees for licences & taxes and other thing$ are quite hefty.
        There are 4 pot shops on my block.
        I’ve never bought pot from any of them.
        It’s at the point where it’s growing wild in the alleys. It is a weed, after all.

        Too bad I don’t need any weed! Lol!

      • There’s a reason it’s called weed. Currently, the blue book value on my car is $10,000 more than I paid for it. If I had a halfway decent car to drive besides it, I’d sell it a take the cash. My old truck just isn’t something I would drive everyday.

      • Wow!
        I can see why you’d sell it.
        I hope things settle down soon.
        I’ve been washing clothes in the sink for a year. At least my dryer works.
        I need a stackable to fit in a closet. Last sales person I spoke to said they were getting 120 of the type & size I’m looking for. They said by early May, maybe.
        120?… there’s 8 million people in greater Toronto. LOL!!
        Still, I’m happy drawing and sewing!!!!

      • Our washer works, but the dryer finally bit the dust after I had rebuilt it 3 times over the past 20 years. I thought I was going to do a fourth rebuild on it, but it would have cost more than getting a new drying for a 4th rebuild. We’ve been hanging clothes out to dry for the past two years. We are dry, so we really don’t need a clothes dryer, but clothes dryers are convenient. I’ve done a lot of clothes washing in sinks and bathtubs over the years.

      • Crazy!
        Can’t hang anything out to dry here. It would come in covered in dirt, if it wasn’t stolen.
        I did some art for a friend of Norm’s. He just stopped by to pay me. I showed him the first drawing I’m working on the slightly larger paper from the ream. It’s so unfinished, but he got it. Anyway, my art has 2 patrons now.

        I did a concept drawing of Charlotte. I’ll send that to you in a few minutes!

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