Parade of Planets

Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn lined up early this morning. Uranus was not visible from Albuquerque, which is just fine. Mercury rises too late to be seen in the morning.

Smoke and Ice at a medieval dinner last night.

Butterfly on the bank in the late afternoon

Mama Owl, a Wowlet, and Daddy Owl late this afternoon.

45 thoughts on “Parade of Planets

    • You are welcome, Lavinia. There was a lot of smoke this morning so I wasn’t sure Saturn was going to show up. But it did. The is a little point of light where Neptune should be. I don’t know if that is Neptune or a faint star.

  1. It’s very impressive to see so many planets together in one shot. Unfortunately, there’s so much light pollution in this part of the world and it’s very difficult to spot planets in the sky at night.

    I started to watch ‘Better Call Saul’, a spin-off from the Breaking Bad tv-series. I’m always very interested to see the scenes shot in Albuquerque and the immense desert.

    • And it’s a very dry desert right now. We get a lot of light pollution. We I was young we could see the Milky Way, but not anymore. Thanks, Herman.

      • I remember that my parents showed me where to look for the Milky Way when I was a child. But unfortunately, we can’t spot it either anymore. We used to be completely in the dark so many years ago… πŸ˜‰

      • The sky is amazing when you can get away from the lights on a clear night.

  2. WOnderful to see those planets. Always loved going to our local observatory as a kid. And the wowols…well you had me at planets but wowls just made it epic.

  3. quite a planet and menachery parade Tim, The cats look unimpressed.. they must have missed the butterflies. So pretty. Peekaboo owlet number two.. where are you hiding?

  4. That butter (maybe a mourning cloak) looks a bit battered. Did the cats get to go to a medieval dinner or was that a metaphor forgoing medieval on an unlucky mouse ha! Amazing how fast owlets grow.

  5. Lol
    Smoke and Ice out to dinner with the Addams Family
    I hope ice behaved herself
    And Smoke was too out of his element that he got some awkward medieval glances come his way.
    Such and intereesting katamatch.

  6. How did you learn to tell one planet from another?
    Anyway, very cool!
    Smoke and Ice are pretty kitties. Who do they live with?

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