42 thoughts on “Bartholomew

  1. Bartholomew is quite the character. Nice images of him, Tim. (We’ve seen his cousin Ralph the Red-breasted Grosbeak at our feeder. He’s a bit chubbier than Bartholomew.) Our Asian lilies have finished blooming.

    • Ralph sounds like an handsome fellow. It’s been dry so foraging is a bit challenging. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Bartholomew is a handsome fellow. I love the orange lily composition. Very nice in orange and black.

    Back into the lower 70s here today, much more pleasant.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It was mostly sunny and warm, but not hot today. The temps are cool tonight.

    • You know his namesake Bartholomew Roberts, old Black Bart Roberts? Have you modeled any of you characters on Black Bart? Our bird here is colorful, and so was Black Bart, but not the of the same colofulness. Thanks, Shey.

      • I do love pirates which is why I made Flint one in Lady Fury but he was a kind of latter day privateer, rather than from the golden age like Black Bart. I gave up modelling any of them on anyone long ago cos they never, never, ever do a thing they are meant to, or want to be the way I see them when I am thinking about the first chapter. I mean no -one was more surprised than me when a Viking appeared in the Viking and the Courtesan. I had got along okay actually till that point. In the next book of that seres the hero was meant to be quite flamboyant but then he told me, like near the end of the book which was on a deadline, that he didn’t want to be, or like any of it and to go back and change it all, characterwise. and this present WIP, well these two leads are nothing like they I planned. Your bir there is lovely.

      • I didn’t think Flint was a Black Bard type. I did read Lady Fury. Your characters are unruly and completely out of hand. Amazing you can get them whipped into shape enough to stay on the pages. You’re amazing. My characters are never in character and refuse to stay on the pages.

      • You are way too kind. And I know you read Fury which was also very good of you. They do my nut in mostly. Yeah I thought it would be more appropriate for Flint…seeing as he came along in a diff era…that he didn’t like parrots and tried to better himself spech-wise, as in a ‘new man’ style thing. But I just start out with the rough scenario and in that he was a very helpful person she had only known in passing, so like that, no-one was more surprised than me when he chucked in that line about the things she got up in Jamaica. Cos it was the first I knew she’d come from there, let alone got up to anything. And they are unruly. No idea how hard I have had to kick the heroine I’ve just written’s, ass to get her to get with the hero.

  3. Bartholomew is gorgeous, so are the lilies! Thank you!
    It’s a neat name. I also like Rupert. We had this huge mouse coming around. I named him Rupert. Jeep was onto him.
    I haven’t seen him for quite awhile. I started to worry, but I’m over his absence now.

    • Mice tend to dissapear. Bartholomew’s namesake is the pirate Black Bart. Thanks, Resa.

  4. Trying to turn me green here Tim – I’ve been unable to get that grosbeak checked off my life list – might have to take a road trip!

    • Those dudes are bit aloof. I can hear them, but one poping out in the open like that is rare. Thanks, Brian.

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