Getting Their Wings

Daddy Owl in silhouette at dusk.

Peter, Paul, and Mary were really testing their wings tonight. Peter and Mary were in the Tangle Heart Tree when I walked up to it tonight. Paul was on the ground hopping around about 100 yards south of the Tangle Heart Tree. Mary flew into the bosque and ended up with Paul after he flew back u into the trees. Peter flew into the bosque, back to the Tangle Heart Tree, and then into the bosque again. All three were very active while waiting for Mama and Daddy to bring them food.


Paul on the Ground

Paul after he flew back into the bosque.

Mary barfed a pellet from the Tangle Heart Tree, and then she flew over to where Paul was.

Peter and Mary in the Tangle Heart Tree.

I finished the roof over the deck this morning. The deck is several degrees cooler than the outside temperature with the new roof. The cats are happy to have the deck back.



Clouds descending on the moon.

Moon through the cloud cover.

Wide-view of the moon in the clouds.