Getting Their Wings

Daddy Owl in silhouette at dusk.

Peter, Paul, and Mary were really testing their wings tonight. Peter and Mary were in the Tangle Heart Tree when I walked up to it tonight. Paul was on the ground hopping around about 100 yards south of the Tangle Heart Tree. Mary flew into the bosque and ended up with Paul after he flew back u into the trees. Peter flew into the bosque, back to the Tangle Heart Tree, and then into the bosque again. All three were very active while waiting for Mama and Daddy to bring them food.


Paul on the Ground

Paul after he flew back into the bosque.

Mary barfed a pellet from the Tangle Heart Tree, and then she flew over to where Paul was.

Peter and Mary in the Tangle Heart Tree.

I finished the roof over the deck this morning. The deck is several degrees cooler than the outside temperature with the new roof. The cats are happy to have the deck back.



Clouds descending on the moon.

Moon through the cloud cover.

Wide-view of the moon in the clouds.

62 thoughts on “Getting Their Wings

  1. The deck looks like a very enjoyable place to hang around, especially in the evening and night.

  2. Okay, first thing’s first, that roof is brilliant and great lighting work! Looks great lit up. Love to see Peter, Paul and Mary enjoying their wings and ah, those skies! Hope you get a nice relaxing weekend.

  3. The deck roof turned out very well! A black-and-white version of Peter and Mary in the Tangle Heart Tree would make a great opening shot for a film noir.

  4. You’ve done us proud today, Tim, thanks. The owlets will soon be gone will they not? seem to be coming on well now, getting their confidence?
    Well roofed, by the way.
    The sky shots were classy.

    • You are welcome, Inchcock. The owlets will be a round a little longer. The still need to learn to hunt and feed themselves. Paul was working on feeding himself by getting down on the ground to see what he could find.

      • We probably won’t see them after July. But it could be sooner given how dry it is. They need to read out to find enough food.

  5. I love following the Owl family. Mary and Paul are quite the gad snouts when Mama and Daddy Owl are off running errands. Your silhouette pics should be on the cover of NG!

  6. Love these images and I agree with Holly!
    Your shed looks positively warm and welcoming. I bet you have many lovely evenings in there!
    Gorgeous pics.

  7. Paul is searching a food on a ground? Lovely owls. I used to reed new owl adventures. Eyes shows their approvel of shooting, it seems to me. They used to your moving around them ❀️ It is protected terraces from animals? So joyful lights. You have a neighbours? On a picture is lights near your terrace.

    • The THT is full of magic. You are absolutely right about the portal to the unknown and unknowable. Resa has a pretty good handle on how to use the portal in her stories. Thank, Rebecca.

  8. The little owls are looking more like their parents every day. Thank you for the beautiful moon and sky photos, too. It’s been raining here all day, though in the lower 60s. I got a lot of planting done today, and should be able to finish up tomorrow.

    • You are welcome, Lavinia. It was sunny and hot most of the day. Clouded up in the late afternoon. I got the moon before it was totally covered by the clouds tonigh.

  9. Congrats on the roof completion! It looks cool with the lights on, and I know the kitties are happy to have their hangout back! Loving the owls and watching them grow! ☺

  10. Porch looks great – lights add a nice touch. Good to see the owls building strength up in their wings (although that is a bit bittersweet when they get strong enough to lift a small poodle!)

  11. Exciting and inspirational images of the kids literally taking flight. Those shots define “Left the Nest”. Great job on the roof, Tim. You are very talented on so many fronts.

    • I’m suffering from all the work on the roof. All my joints are swollen and hurt. But it’s good to have it done. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

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