56 thoughts on “Damselfly On Peace

  1. It will still be a while before we see any roses here. Nice catch of the damselfly on the rose.

    The moon is growing! she will be at 1st quarter by Tuesday.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Damselflies are not as skitish and dragonflies. The damsels let me get really close.

    • I only see the dragonflies flitting in my garden. Your visitin damsefly is lovely to look at, so are your peace roses.
      I haven’t had a pink a rose in a while now.
      Stunning image of the shy halfmoon.

  2. What’s the difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly?
    This one is particularly lovely posing on the rose!

    • Hi Dale. The main differences are Damselfly’s wings fold up in line with their bodies. Dragonflies’ wings are always perpendicular to their bodies. Damselflies’ bodies are thinner, their eyes are round and well separated at ends of their heads like Hammerhead sharks. Dragonflies’ eyes are close together and kind of look like visors on aviator helmets.

  3. Got one of those Damselflies finally to take a break from being on the wing! Don’t know much about roses.. or really any other flower, but it does look pretty.

      • Rose lineage is a big deal. Roses are patented, and copyrighted. I use to compete with roses, especially rose arranging. Whining Queen of Show was a goal many years ago because my brother-in-law thought arranging roses was not a very manly thing to do. Laurie, Tristan and I all won Queen of Show at least once.

    • The roses are named by the rosearians who develop them. The names and types of roses are patented. Peace rose has an interesting history. Thanks, Resa.

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