Dragonflies & Roses

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn starting to line up as they shine through the thin cloudcover.



Sasha was checking out the temperature. “Hey, Paparazzo! It’s upside down!”

Rio Samba, Abraham Darby, and Altissimo

Moon in the clouds

Crescent moon at 34.4% full

51 thoughts on “Dragonflies & Roses

  1. How lovely of you to share dragonflies after the damselflies, teaching me further πŸ˜‰
    Beautiful shots all of them!

      • I appreciate it, Timothy. I’ve shared my share of dragonflies but always wondered if maybe I was misnaming them!
        Now, I know I did not as some of mine look like yours πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed the dragonflies and the planets all lined up. I have not seen them. And Sasha does need the thermometer turned around, just sayin’.

    • The half moon is dressed so beautifully, and the sky is totally enchanted by her presence at that hour.
      You have a stunning rose garden. Gorgeous blooms.
      Sasha is such a pretty kitty. Inquisitive and photogenic.
      The dragonflies are so handsome, and I think they are fully aware of their handsomeness. Super flies.

  3. Beautiful photos, Tim, and I love the dragonflies, that is a nice three panel set.

    No moon viewing tonight. We have had passing storms all day, and it is gearing up for another one now.

  4. oh the detail of those dragonfly wings Tim is something else. So funny Sasha checking the temp. Gorgeous pics. OMG i can’t wait to share my findings with you.. i think i’ll post on Friday. I finally hiked the woods and snuck in my dad to a place i can’t usually take him and I saw 2 owls soooo cute.. nothing like your pics but I thought of you and i was in my happy zone. xo πŸ’–πŸ’–

      • The owls are out at various times during the day. But they are most active at night.

      • I never knew that before your pictures and somehow I’ve never seen them here. I’m going to go back first chance i get. I was trying to capture the Red Tail hawk pics and there was quite a commotion when I went to take it’s pic the owl was there instead and I hadn’t seen it before the picture which was quite a shock and pleasant surprise! πŸ’–

    • Thanks, Drew. Astronomy is fascinating. I’m plugging along. How are you doing?

  5. Sasha sure likes to put her foot(paw) down! The d’flies are so intricate, well captured. Got to get caught up now that we’re back from the sale…

    • Sasha was born more than a year after Spunk. She has Manx in her. Spunk is Spunk. Thanks, Resa.

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