Two To Tangle Heart

Mary and Paul on the Tangle Heart Tree

For the summer schedule, there will be a mix of photos from yesterday and today. By the time I get finished photographing owls at dusk and sunset colors, it’s what used to be my bedtime. If I stay up processing photos taken at dusk and later, it ends up going on midnight by the time I get photos processed and posted. Today’s photos of the owls, sunset, and moon in orange clouds were taken last night. The moon at 44.3% full was taken this afternoon.

How many owlets can you find in the above photo?

Mary and Paul in the Tangle Heart tree under colored clouds and the moon.


Mama Owl brought Paul a snack of some type and then flew off in search of more.


Sunset last night.

The moon this afternoon at 44.3% full

71 thoughts on “Two To Tangle Heart

    • Oh my nature is simply generous in your neck of the wood
      I think the Wordsman would I low me in this context – Tree Filligree,
      ๐Ÿฆ‰Mary and Paul on the Tangle Heart Tree๐Ÿฆ‰
      And look how heartily the sky compliments you

      Beautiful work of photography throughout

    • There were two owlets in the trees. Good eye, Marina. I’m happy the photos make your day. I was just giving viewers warning that a lot of the photos will be from the day before instead of just in time, same day delivery. Like Amazon Prime, I’m having to slip on delivery times due to the sun going to bed late. I can’t blame covid or shortages like Amazon and others. Thanks.

  1. We spotted two of them in the photo. Shot three looks like the moon is in fact rocketing across the sky with the light colored cloud the vapor trail. Thanks for sharing your schedule, and more importantly sharing your magnificent photos! We really appreciate what it takes to get them taken and then ready for publishing.

    • Good eye. Two owls in the bosque. I’m so happy you noticed the moon looking like it was shooting across the sky. I thought the same thing. Like I mentioned to Marina, the sun going to bed late is making me slip on my Prime delivery. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • All three do. Now they need to learn to use them and give poor Mama a break. Thanks, Brian.

  2. I think I found two in the photo.
    Oh how I love seeing the owls and moon.
    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Happy June my friend!

    • In the winter it’s easier to do JIT photos. In the summer it stays light way too late. And it stays up much later where you are. Thanks, Dale.

  3. Sunset is extraordinarily beautiful in this post Tim, you never cease to amaze me. So much talent my friend. What a pleasure it is to visit. I haven’t been around as much lately. Very good reasons I assure you, but it is so nice to visit today. Your site always makes me think of just how wonderful God is to me. The beauty you capture with multiple talents is just amazing as is of course the nature you live there with your wife. Love to you both, Joni xoxoxoxo

  4. I see 2 owlets!
    Paul’s downy feathers are almost gone… but he still has some fluff.
    Love the Season of the Owls, here in the bosque. That could be an in depth novel of mankind’s survival.

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