Hello Hello Hello

My friendly computer screens

For my just-in-time delivery of today’s photos, I have a new office dog, flowers, roses, and the half-moon.


Spunk behind Petunias, Pillow Fight, and Iceberg

Rio Samba, Mermaid, and Altissimo


Mary and Paul. Mama Owl after she delivered a mouse to Peter.

Mama Owl flew back and forth with food for the owlets three times while we were out with them last night. It was dusk, and she was giving the owlets their meals behind a mess of leaves, so I couldn’t get the exchanges of food, but Peter was proud of his mouse and acted like he had a mouse cigar in his beak for quite a while before he finally ate it.

Sunset last night

Halfmoon at 54.8%

57 thoughts on “Hello Hello Hello

  1. Lots going on tonight! Spunk makes a wonderful petunia backdrop. The story of Baby of the office?? Cigar mouse: so perfect. And the half moon, like all of your lunar images is striking. Thanks for our daily High Desert images fix, Tim.

  2. All wonderful! Today’s surprise-images of the owlet with his
    mouse. Spunk in the flowers is a favorite πŸ™‚

    • There is also Puppy: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-6Hf, so we can have more dogs than people in the office when staff members are in the field and dogs are at the office. Peter was really proud of himself. Thanks, JYP.

      • Aw. I’m happy that the pug with no name now has one. Your office does seem to be outnumbered with cute dogs.

        I’m reminded of the time that the local minor league baseball team did “Bark in the Park” when attendees got to bring their dogs and the concession stand sold doggy ice-cream and dog treats too. Actually, I forgot to tell Husband it was Bark in the Park night so he showed up like, “WTF is going on?” but fortunately, he thought it was hilarious

      • I can imagine it was a little wild with a lot of barking in the park.

      • Experiencing this many moon phases and faces, God is Good to You.

        Just look at that doggy in the window, Little Napoleon Frenchie looking on ..lol

        Kitty looks lovely all amongst your blooms

        Congratulations on the new office space

  3. Your office is definitely a nice place to work, especially with the friendly greetings…

  4. Wonder when they will start relying on their own skills to nourish themselves. I envision Paul clipping the end of his mouse cigar with his razor sharp talons and whipping out a butane lighter from under his feathers and lighting the mouse tail, taking a huge puff, removing the smoking mouse from his beak between his talons, leaning back and saying “Life is good!”

    • That’s basically the gist of it. They are being really teenagers overworking their mama. I give them another month. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Loved the one with the mouse in beak… Our Cat brought four mice home last evening… Pity we don’t have an owl to pick up from our patio our cats nightly hunting offerings πŸ™‚ Great photos Tim.

  6. Loving Spunk among the flowers! And how fun to have visiting dogs at the office.
    Cool pics of the owl enjoying his mouse.
    Do you ever get close enough to see Owl Pellets on the ground? They are often very cool to see. We have some cool ones in plastic cases for people to look at.

  7. I think it’s really cool you have office dogs. At my now-former work, because of the reduced number of people working in the office, a few used to bring in their pooches. Was fun.
    Poor mama owl has lots of work feeding those three! How much longer, do your think, before they go hunting on their own?
    Fabulous pics, of course.

    • I’ll give them another month before Mama Owl kicks the big moochers out on their own. The dogs are fun, especially Buddy. Ailene’s out of town, so we have no Buddy to love. Thanks, Dale.

  8. Hello, Hello, Hello,
    Sweet post, Tim.
    Baby is too, cute! How many office dogs are there? 2?
    Peter and the mouse; sounds like a kids book to me!
    Stunning sunset! Thank you, Tim! xx

    • Three office dogs. I think Peter and the Mouse would be considered too violent and shocking for kids. Thanks, Resa.

      • Ahh, I was thinking more like they could be friends. Then again I wish russia and Ukraine could be friends!

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