Skies & Roses

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are among the stars at 3:30 am.

Jupiter with a couple of moons at 3:30 am

Saturn at 3:30 am

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn at 4:45 am.

Sunset last night

Cloudy conditions this afternoon.

I got home late, so I got the sunset tonight.

The moon was still covered by clouds at dusk.

42 thoughts on “Skies & Roses

  1. You might be turning into an owl yourself if you are up at 3:30am.. or rather maybe my kind of person if still up ha! I love that third rose by the way.

    • Thanks, Brian. I get up. Usually to wee in the wee hours of the morning. Can’t stay up into the wee hours these days.

  2. Tim, pretty awesome sunsets! The skies are ever changing, and you capture the many changes so well. And the flowers are gorgeous. ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽถ Christine

  3. The afternoon sky has a somewhat ominous flavor, but the sunset images bring calm beauty back to the sky over Corrales. The shots of the planets keep amazing us.

  4. Wow! So many stars.. wow!
    Gorgeous sunset!
    It’s crazy how green my tree and the others are, despite the dry conditions.

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