66 thoughts on “Felines, Roses & Dragonflies

  1. That’s a beautiful collection of roses, Tim. And the cats seems to enjoy their outdoor room…

  2. Great Dragon shots! Loki and Glenda look like mirror images of themselves – I assume you have some trick to distinguishing between them (besides the obvious gender ha). What’s Spunk in for birdslaughter, disorderly catduct, crimes against insectmanity, purring while intoxicated…

    • Hahahah! Spunk is in for all of the above. Loki is easier to distinguish from Glenda and Gwendolyn and it is to distinguish Glenda and Gwendolyn from each other. I have a 50% chance of getting it right when a Lable G&G.

  3. Your roses are a bevvy of beauties! Do any have a perfume?
    The cats sure love their plush tower.
    Well, Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ sure looks like a sweet angel! Hard to believe he can get rambunctious. Great shot!
    Are PP&M catching food yet?
    Is your roof finished… maybe it’s in a previous post. I’m reading backwards!

    • PP&M are still being helpless teenagers peeping for Mama and Daddy to bring them food, even though they are capable of catching their own food.

      Daddy, showed up with a snake last night and was doing his “I’m back from Wowlmart!” hoot for Mama to come and take the snake for the kids. Mama flew to the Tangle Heart Tree with whatever she had. Daddy flew to the THT to make the exchange, but Peter flew over and got the snake from Daddy before Mama hopped over to Daddy. Mama hopped up and they were all three wrestling with the snake. Daddy flew off, Mama was till messing with Peter, the snake, and whatever she had before she flew off leaving Peter to eat the snake. I haven’t looked at the photos yet. It was getting really dark.

      I finished the roof last week. I mention it in passing in one of the posts.

    • The black kitties are hard to tell apart. Specially Glenda and Gwendolyn. The meows are their most distinctive features. Thanks, Teagan.

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