Let Them Eat Snake

Clear and hot today. 103ºF (39.4ºC), not a cloud in the sky.

Peter, Paul, and Mary together at dusk.

Like typical teenagers, PP&M are easily distracted. It took a lot of effort to get all three to look at the camera.

Paul seems to be acting like he’s feeding Mary while Peter looks at other things.

All three in a tangle of branches. Paul moved down to a lower branch, and Peter flew over to the other side of the Tangle Heart Tree.

Daddy Owl showed up with a snake, perched on a branch below Peter, and started doing his “I’m back from Wowlmart, honey!” hoot for Mama Owl to come and take the snake. While he was waiting for form Mama, he was messing with the snake that started out wrapped around Daddy Owl’s leg.

Mama Owl landed on the Tangle Heart Tree with something in her beak. Daddy Owl flew over to the Tangle Heart Tree and land with the snake dangling from his beak. Before Mama Owl could hop up to where Daddy Owl was and make the exchange, Peter flew over to Daddy Owl to get the snake.

A lot of flapping of wings and gnashing of beaks took place before Peter secured the snake in his beak.

Mama Owl started up toward Peter, and Daddy flew back to Wowlmart. Mama seemed like she was trying to get Peter to take her morsel, but Peter was saying “But Mama! Can’t you see I have a snake?” Mama finally flew off and left Peter to eat his snake.

Mama flew over to a tree she often perches on by our gate to the ditch and watched the lingering colors fade away.

Sunset colors and the moon in the Tangle Heart Tree last night.

The moon at 84.8%

65 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Snake

    • Thanks, Susan. When they were in the nest, all kinds of people gathered. Now that they are in the bosque, Laurie and I, and a couple of other people go out and see what they are up to. They are much more interesting now than when they were in the nest.

  1. Awaiting the 100% moon. Love how more and more comes into view via your marvelous photos, Tim. The owl saga continues, love the snake episode. The shot of the three teens is just stunning.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. They were lined up like they were waiting to have their photo taken, but then they are totally distracted. Typical. Daddy with the poor garter snake was a hoot. Both literally and figuratively speaking.

  2. Wow, and what comotion it was Tim and you and they didn’t disappoint. That’s the first snake I saw. You captured it so well. This is definitely a national geographic moment. Nicely done. A mothers protective instincts are always at work, no matter the age!💖💖🥰👏

  3. Oh just look at the Tangle Heart, it’s so beautiful. Have you considered gathering these life in the bosque posts and compiling a coffee table book? It would be wonder! Something to do in your spare time. 😉 I’m totally serious

  4. Oh, worth the effort for that family shot! All three looking at paparazzo “happy now?”!!!!
    …poor snake… tough being a little snake around the Owl family!
    Mama Owl silhouette is gorgeous, so are the skies and the Moon!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Tim!

    • It’s tough being any little critter around the owls. If it moves, it’s prey. Even in the clear dryness of summer whoa, the painter manages to get a few brush strokes in for you. Thanks, Marina. I hope you are having a great weekend and staying cool.

      • Tough indeed!
        I’m very grateful to that painter for all the brush strokes!!!
        Busy as can be and it looks like it’s going to keep being very busy for days!!!! All good though! Hope you’re making time for some cool relaxing moments!

  5. Reading your posts is just like watching a nature documentary on tv. Thanks for another great post with wonderful photographs, Tim!

  6. Dang! I thought I had commented on this!
    I love that you got the trio to look at you. What a shot!
    And snakes must make for a more challenging meal! And they say not to play with your food…
    Fantabulous that you captured all of this.

    • The owlets have no manners. They play with their food. We stand on the ground yelling at them not to drop it. So far no droppies that we have seen, but they seem so careless. Thanks, Dale.

  7. Oh wow.. that is HOT…. Imagine wearing a feathered coat too… Loved the many pictures and amazing you got the shot of the feeding of the snake.. 🙂 Excellent

  8. What a cacophony!
    I guess the snake was a big deal meal! Uch!
    Adore the shot of Mama watching the colours fade. It makes me feel a closeness to all of nature’s creatures. If that makes sense?
    It’s way to hot where you are. I hope we have a cool summer. We were getting days in the 40’s C last year + the humidity. Not fun, unless one has AC and lots of art supplies! x

    • They were on the ditch bank last night foraging. I give them another month. Thank, Tiffany.

    • Poor snake. The Peter was happy with it and Linda is happy about it so all is well in the world. Thanks, Brian.

  9. Wow, this series is special, and that is something coming from almost everything you post is a gem. The captures of the snake and owl are story in themselves, each one flows along with your words and then you end it with the evening silhouette and a sky that only you can bring to us…

    And I take back my earlier comment, the moon at 84.8% is better ~ a little more of it hidden in the mystery of space adds to the feeling 🙂

    • As the moon becomes more full, it flattens out in photographs. What made this owl episode so different was Peter taking the snake from Daddy Owl. Daddy owl never feeds the owlets. He always passes his catch off to Mama Owl and she feeds the owlets. Peter decided to short cut the process and take the snake from Daddy Owl, which seemed to confuse both Mama and Daddy. Thanks, Randall.

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