Bird Jokes

Between rains

“Did you hear about the Cormorant who was picking at beak boogers with a claw on his foot? He ‘clawboogered’ himself!”


“Wait a minute. That’s not funny!”

“Okay already! Quit looking at me like that. It was just a stupid joke!”

See no fishies. Hear no fishies. Eat no fishies.

52 thoughts on “Bird Jokes

    • That’s good somebody thought it was funny, because the Cormorant curmudgeon decided otherwise. Thanks, Dale.

      • I’m one of those cranky pants. The old El Cheo Timinator! However. I do laugh at jokes; but laughing at politically incorrect jokes can get you in trouble these days.

      • He he… And I don’t doubt that you do laugh at jokes. I am SO tired of the politically incorrect. Like everything else, it’s been taken to the extreme.

      • Humorless people are no fun. No wonder there is so much sickness in the world.

  1. What a beautiful land you live in! I love the mountains, sky and river, with all its creatures. Looks like you had a beautiful day down there. It 90 here today with a stiff west wind.

    • I’m happy you love it. I couldn’t resist making up a stupid bird joke and commentary with the silly expressions on those Cormorants faces. Thanks, JYP.

  2. Thank goodness you’ve had rain!
    I’ll bet the flora is happppppppy!!!!!
    The bird jokes are fab. You should do more of them.

  3. Loved the bird shots! Those Cormorants can be quite the comedians – especially the double-crested variety. You should here some of the funny names they call me whenever they see me in the field!

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