69 thoughts on “White & Chocolate

  1. Wow, Tim. Love the sky! And the abstracts white and chocolate are striking. Almost like Japanese calligraphy with missing parts. Or, done with a shaking hand. Creative.Does it have a meaning? 📚Christine

    • The chocolate dribbles are from Laurie’s power bars we make about every three weeks. Totaly random, by change art. No sunset tonight. Cool, windy and raining. Thanks, Christine.

      • Laurie does calligarphy. It spills over into her chocolate spills.

      • Thanks! That would be nice. Only when you have time. BTW…I writing a sequel to the book. Starting to structure it now. A lot of people want to know, What happens next when they finish reading it. That question alone is what authors love to hear. 📚🎶

      • I about a third the way through the book. Elizabeth is thinking about taking guitar lessons from Wilson. I didn’t get to read in most of last week because things were pretty weird.

      • Great! And she does! You are getting into some good action. I know how hard it is to find time to read. I appreciate you getting through the book, no matter the pace. I’m in the same position. I have a stack of books waiting. And the sequel to write. 📚🎶 Christine

      • Erik is back. They figured out who the mystery woman is. Now I’m getting the feeling Elizabeth is going to be a singer in a rock and roll band.

      • Not for a few months now. I played on and off. Writing took up most of my time. Then, we got the 5 month old Border Aussie puppies and no time or energy. They came from a horse ranch and needed to learn how to live in a home. Not easy, but they were very smart dogs. I played everyday for a year with an online teacher, then changed teachers to play my favorite popular songs. I need to get back to it…music recharges the brain from whatever stress or work you have to do. Bet you agree, being a musician yourself. 📚🎶 Christine

      • Pups are a lot more work than cats! As far as physical activity and walks! Robert (Vietnam Vet) needs a service dog. We’re training the more Border Collie as she is quicker learning commands and more protective than her male sibling, more Australian shepherd. He’s a perfect, lovable therapy dog. Both dogs are awesome—showstoppers. Once a dog family, always a dog family. One son and his 3 daughters are all cat people. Beautiful cats, fun, and very personable! 🐶🎶😸

      • One of our neighbors breeds Australian Sherpards. They are great dogs if they are trained.

      • Yes, trained is the key. We have a great dog trainer once a week. They both are great with obeying commands. We even have them respond to emergency recall. What we we weren’t prepared for is their roughhousing & chewing on everything in sight. It’s curtailed by metal gates everywhere and a ton of chew toys. It’s the female more Border Collie that plays too rough and needs time outs. I’m used to training big dogs, but our smaller Shih Tzu dogs that we had to put down were a lot easier, smaller and lighter weight to train. These two (11 months now) are 40-45 lbs and still growing! They actually can knock me over, greeting me. 🐶🎶🐶

      • Buddy has been going to puppy school so he’s really becoming a well trained dog. The French Bull dogs that come to work with another staff member are not trained, and they are a bit of a problem. Jake, our daughter’s big dog is really well-trained which makes him so adorable.

      • Buddy is a Prince Charles Cavalier Spaniel who comes to work with Ailene every day. He loves everyone. He attends meetings and checks on stff. When Ailene was on vacation two weeks ago, we had no Buddy to love. He was a therapy dog for most of our staff last week after one of our staff members died of heart failure. She had been in ICU for the past few weeks with multiple issues.

        Jake, our daughter’s dog, is a Great Pyrinees Golden Retriever cross. He’s a wonderful dog. He’s well trained and everyone loves Jake, except for our cats.

        Our planner has two French Bull Dogs. They are cute and friendly, but not well trained so they are not as much fun. The older one plays with Buddy, but he’s a bit of a bully.

      • Thanks for more dog info. There’s quite a mix of breeds that you know. Loving therapy dogs are really the best! That’s our Max (more Australian Shepherd). So sad when co-workers die. Buddy could sense it and did his job. Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs. Some cats are okay around dogs if they have grown up together. A mutual tolerance, and in some cases closeness. 📚🎶

      • Our cats would evenually get used to the dog. Tristan’s cats, dog and bird all get along.

      • They probably would. It might take time though, monitoring them together. Don’t want cat & dog fights! And the bird can watch from a high perch.

      • Sorry slip of the finger & message took off. So, you know them. A well trained dog is a lot happier. They love to have praise & attention for being good. Untrained, they show anxiety, crazy making behavior, and you live in chaos! 🐶🎶🐶

      • Building more into the sequel. Janis Joplin will be mentioned after she died in 1970. Her lead guitar player, James Gurley was a friend of Robert’s back in the 1970s. He’s a drummer, and played gigs with him for years. I met James when Robert & I got together in the 1990s. And Melanie (in the first book) was a backup singer for Janis Joplin back in her beatnik days. So, there’s going to be 1960’s and early 1970s music. And lots of scenes about all of that connection.📚🎶

      • Your sequel sounds like fun. I’m well over half way through the book now. So Grandma Edna brings back bad memories from when I lived in Spain. I had never encountered antisemetism out here in the southwest. But in Spain I met lots of people who sounded just like Edna. I was as shocked as Elizabeth and Erik. The same people who compalined to me that Americans were so barbaric and backward because we had the death penalty, went totally ballistic about Jews. They told me Israel should be wiped off the map and all Jews exterminated. A few told me that Jews and Africans were animals, and that I, as an American, was lower than the gypsies, but that I was at least human. There is no exaggeration about Edna’s hatred of Jews. I, sadly, and to my astonishment, have experienced it,

      • Thank you for sharing your experience with antisemitism in Spain. Sorry that part in the book brought back bad memories. Those people were extreme haters of Jews and their mother country. Not pleasant to live in that environment. There was none of that when I lived in Italy, Greece or Japan. Or maybe it was there, but not talked about in the circle of business people I knew. Edna was a bit of a hypocrite. She liked the money they gave her to stay at her resort every summer. Then, talked bad about them to family & friends. As a kid , I thought the Jewish guests at the resort were nice & very generous. 📚🎶

      • No need to apologize. If that part of your story didn’t bring back bad memories, your story would have failed. Spain had a lot of Jews historically. Isabela used the Inquisition to seize wealth and property from Jews. A lot of Jews came to New Mexico in the 17th and 18th Centuries to escape the Inquisition, but it followed them here. I’m sure you have heard of crypto-Jews who lived secret Jewish lives in northern New Mexico? I have friends who discovered as adults their parents were Jewish and then a lot of the strange aspects of how their family practiced Catholicism fell into place. I think there are a lot of people who love their money but don’t like Jews.

      • Tim, you know Jewish history so well. Thanks for enlightening me! I hadn’t researched specific areas or crypto-Jews. Now I have to look that up. Seems the Jewish people were good in business and generous with their money. Even not knowing they were hated behind their backs. 📚🎶

      • Jews have mostly contirbuted to the good of society that has benefited everyone through the centuries even though they were and are hated. It irritates me the people who make positive contributions to society, like the Jews, are vilified, while those people who do little more than work to destroy progress and society are glorified. The problem is envy. Socialism is a political system built on envy, antagonism and violence. It’s the people who define themselves as “the State” who want to collectively rule everyone, and answer to no one. To me the three pillars of Socialism are 1) Envy those who have more because they are enemies of the State. 2) Antagonize, vilify and dehumanize enemies of the State. 3) Use violence to advance their social agendas, and to subdue and kill enemies of the State. The Jews suffered greatly, and continue to suffer greatly at the hands of those who make up “the State”.

      • Well said, Tim! I agree with all of it. Generosity is what I remembered about the Jews that I knew. A very rich guest at Edna’s resort loaned my mother money to pay for an operation I needed at age 12. When he died, the loan was forgiven in his will. His son from NYC came to see us in CT and gave us a verification letter. In my mind and in the book, Jews are family oriented. And once a friend, they will do anything for you. I think in the book sequel, I’ll write more about the good work Elizabeth & Erik do for the Jewish patients that are brought to West Berlin for better treatment. Thanks, Tim for your thoughts. 📚🎶

  2. Looks like you had a cooler start to the day with the clouds. Clear as a bell up here, windy and hot.

    Interesting patterns in the chocolate. I see an aquatic dinosaur in the lower left one, down at the bottom.

    • It’s raining, windy and 65 right now. I like that little dinosaur in the bottom of that photo. Thanks, Lavinia.

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