49 thoughts on “Beeing

  1. Do you know, I have seen a grand total of one bee so far this year? That scares me so…
    Beautiful pictures – great detail!
    That is way too hot!

    • We have lots and lots of bees. That is scary if your bees are not being. It’s been more humid with the rains, so the heat feels hotter. Thanks, Dale.

      • I’m glad your bees are present!
        It is scary and I truly hope it’s just my house that is not as welcoming as I thought!
        I know what you mean about humidity feeling hotter – it’s the story of our weather.

  2. Beautiful bee and flowers, and I love the rays at sunset. They make sunset look like a golden crown.

    101 degrees is pretty warm. It got to 80 today, and is supposed to be 94 tomorrow, dropping back down after Monday.

  3. Great pics. Hot car. As Dale says I have seen a lot of bees at all. Last hear there were lots. In fact they stung us a couple of times while working in the yard.

  4. Ah… beautifully beeing!!!!
    Our temp was there a couple of days ago but fortunately it’s cooler now! Sending you some cool breeze over!
    Mega sighs on your sunsets! Chapeau!

  5. I like bees. They are one of the insects that I admire.
    All great shots, Tim.
    Living off your sunsets and sun rises!

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