56 thoughts on “Color Before The Storm

    • Hi Bruce, If your camera has a stop down dial or function, you often have to stop down one or two stops to make up for the differences in intensity. Otherwise, manual mode.

      • Thanks Timothy. I shall try that. I’m a bit of a keen but non-expert camera guy. Now I’ve just got to get out of bed and wait for a sky!
        (I thought that this thought had been sent several hours ago – however I’ll add to it anyway!) It’s winter here and today is sunny. After weeks of crapulous weather there’s not a freakin cloud in the sky!!

      • Enjoy a clear winter’s day. We are in mid-summer nights monsoon rains on this side of the world.

    • Thanks, Shehanne. I started reading “The Unraveling of Lady Fury”. These skies represent her feelings quite ell I would say.

      • OMG Timothy…this is when I hide actually. I had no idea you were doing that. (Nearly feel of my chair there.) That is really good of you, truly, even if i will now be at the very back of cupboard, through in the secret cupboard that is there actually for the next week, hiding. These skies are fantastic, but burningly ominous, and the tangle heart just sets the scene. Used to get sunset skies like this from our last house but here it is sunrises we get. These skies do indeed sum up Fury’s feelings. Thank you again. really kind xxx

      • It’s quite fun so far. I bought the book after Resa’s post. I am just now getting to it. I laid on the couch to read it the other night. Silver kitty laid on my lap and I used him as a book prop.

      • I apologise now for the fact that just maybe, laid out flat might be the best way to read some of the scenes. But, please bear in mind, none were gratuitous …. x x x (And please explain that to Silver kitty,….. ) Bigger x x x x x ‘s . In fact XXX sized ones.

      • Silver and I figured at least one man had to be laid out in the first few chapters. Flint was being and obstinate bastard.

    • Thanks, Marina. I watch and click. Click and watch. Sometimes the clouds are changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up with them. Or I’m missing something spectacular in another direction while watching and clicking in the other direction. I need to be omnipresent to capture all the action that takes place in the skies around us.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. We can get some really scary thunderstorms out here. So far more color and rain than scariness.

      • Those clouds do look scary, Tim. For real. There is a lot of power within those clouds. I haven’t ever seen clouds like that here. Impressive!!

    • Clouds are alive and they do talk to us through images. Clouds inspire and spark our imaginations. It’s a good belief to have. Keep on believing.

    My tree really knows how to set off a sky, as does Holly’s Tangle-Heart.
    I will want to use one of these shots, with that fab shot of the Tangle-Heart you sent me before.
    I’m off to the art supplies store tomorrow. I’m taking a 1 day break from the new Art Gown, which is about 80%. I see light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m not on the home stretch. Still, it is preoccupying my time, as the finale is near. (I’ll send a sneak peek)
    Once I get that done, up and posted, I will be back to focused drawing. The next PBH adventure is sketched in my psyche.

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