54 thoughts on “Kitty Fun Friday

  1. Wow Timothy, I didn’t know you guys have five cats! They all look so healthy too. You’re a great cat daddy! 😬😻😻😻😻😻

    • We’re down two cats with losing Najar to kitty cancer and Lola to rheumatoid arthritis recently. Thanks, John.

  2. We now have two kittens, almost five months old. They love nothing more than a cardboard box!

    • Hi Julia. We always have the dance room full of cardboard boxes for the kitties to play in, on and under. They get very upset when I break down the boxes. But I always assure them there’s more on the way.

    • They love boxes. We always have a lot of boxes on the floor for a kitty playground. Thanks, Shehanne.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. They are mostly fat and sassy. Marble has a beautiful tortoise shell coloring.

  3. You need to catch up in the cat department. While we have Midnight, Susie and Pinky in the house, we also have four barn cats. The barn cats, of course, are working cats. We also have two German Shepherds, Will and Jas, that live in the house too. The GS’s are subservient to the cats. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  4. Those kitties are delightful. You know I have my eye on Loki though I love them all Loki is a perfect match for my Bagheera. All black with those big green eyes! They certainly know how to have a good time with a cardboard box.

      • They go nuts over wrapping paper and ornaments. They especially love our bird ornaments. I can’t imagine why.

      • Spunk is an especially smart kitty. He works hard to keep us safe. He kills is tails (from costumes) every night like sacrifices and leaves the in doorways and windows and places like runes to ward off evil and protect us the ghosts and spirits that often pass through. He’s done it nightly for years. We praise him for his hard work, and In return, he has us bless him at the food bowl before he gets a bite to eat after working so hard to keep us safe. Spunk is super adorable when he carries his tails around. He does it on the sly as much as possible.

      • That is so smart and loving. He is doing his job for his family. I love that. My friend has a cat who is a total watch dog for them. He keeps an eye out for any presumed danger, has a β€œsecret” spot in a bookcase where he can keep an eye out for intruders. Spunk is definitely one if a kind, ghosts are scary.

      • When we had Stretch, he could see the ghosts and would watch them. It could be quite unnerving watching him watch the ghosts.

      • Cats have a 6th sense that can be mystifying and unnerving but fascinating. That’s what is so unique about them. They are quite an experience in their other wordiness but so loving ( when the feel like it) it’s all up to them.

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