31 thoughts on “Dawn & Did

  1. Beautiful photos, weren’t we recently. Talking about bugs And lizards hanging onto windshields ? If not I had a lizard take a very long ride on mine the other day . They are pretty good at wind resistance. Miss Katydids’ a beauty.

    • Hi Holly. We did have a discussion about bugs shooting the breeze and hanging ten on your windshield wipers. I haven’t had any lizards go for a ride. Lucky you.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. That’s a lot of cars in the parking lot. It often has no more than two or three cars in it dury the day these days.

      • Just shaking my head. How incredibly sad and it just points out how broken our country has become economically. We are being destroyed in so many ways. When thinking about it I have to change my thinking because truth be told, it is so difficult for me to handle.

  2. That is a gorgeous morning sky, Tim! It is a cooler day here today, partly cloudy. I enjoy these summer days when we have shadows and light from passing clouds. Keeps the heat down and makes a wonderful show.

  3. Unbelievable picture of dawn, striking colors. Why did they have that poor pig or boar in a box, he could barely move. Hope all is well my friend on the ranch. Sending hugs, Joni

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