Bothered Bumblebee

The buzz off

“Hey, there boy. You’re bothering me.” This poor bumblebee was trying to feed on the echinacea when other bees kept pestering it and T-boning it. I was not able to capture a T-bone, but you can see how the bumble is knocked “off-center” and ends up “not even” right after being slammed into by other flying insects.


After the flyby T-bone

Knocked off-center & not even

The bumblebee was determined to feed.

After another whack

Incoming again

Treading air

45 thoughts on “Bothered Bumblebee

  1. A very determined little bumblebee! They have been feeding heavily in our hollyhocks out in the main garden. Far fewer honeybees sighted this year, but more bumblebees and native bees.

    • Thanks, Leah. We still have lots of honey bees, but more native bees, which is good.

  2. Those Bullies! He’s holding his own but all alone out there he’s in real trouble and in such a beautiful neighborhood, it’s not safe anywhere. I love to get a glimpse into the secret life of the tiny creatures that share our world ( and gardens). This is fascinating Timothy. It’s real Photography book material.

  3. Perfect. I love the knocked off centre one and am also intrigued by how they carry their legs in flight. My eye is either not fast enough to pick that up, or it focuses on something else.

    • They fly to fast and erratic to see how they carry their legs in flight. Thanks, Susan.

  4. They are. Today I’d to move a bit of bush to paint the edging underneath. They were actually very good about it after I said to them. No. No jokes here re I only got stung 10 times. Wasps now? Wasps would have hunted me down.

    • Bumblebees are normally pretty mellow, but when they decide to go after you they can be determined. And bumblebees can sting multiple times.

      • I must be one of their chosen few. I am totally allergic to wasps. They come after me now, I’m done. But I find bees quite friendly that way. Mellow is the word.

  5. Poor Mr. Bumble!
    Some great shots here, Tim!
    What kind of attack bee is that in the second last pic? It looks very dangerous.

  6. Oh my, the poor guy can’t get a break! Incredible photos, Tim! That reminds me, I just named one of my paintings “Off Center” obviously I thought of you!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Cool. I can’t wait to see it. Resa did a post with guitars I did with her art work. I’m working on a new neck with a part of the painting on the head stock for the guitar with your painting on it. When it’s all done, you might want to do a post on it.

  7. Love the getting knocked off course and not even, as he held on in the perfect onslaught storm. Maybe he just kept smiling to keep them off balance treading their air so they couldn’t knock him hard enough to have to stop feeding.

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