19 thoughts on “Grasshopper Reflecting

  1. Man! That’s a surreal shot with the landscape reflected and the contrapuntal grasshopper color that is almost tertiary from a color contrast perspective. You HAVE to keep the fender for context. Otherwise, I’d think PHOTOSHOP. Great shot! This is beyond stunning. Very Sci-Fi even..

    • Tjhanks, Jordan. Laurie was noticing much the same. I made sure I got part of the wheel for context. If you try to imagine how the grasshopper sees the scene, it becomes more sci-fi.

  2. That is such a cool shot, Timothy. Good thing you did keep part of the tire so we didn’t spend too much time scratching our heads!

  3. Excellent! The grasshopper is reflecting on a bug just to its right. Do grasshoppers eat smaller bugs?
    This is a great shot. I adore car reflections. You made a world.

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