When Wet It’s Roses

No sunset, no moon, I couldn’t check on the owls. Rain, much needed rain, kept me inside to post photos of roses. The first Dr. Huey in the above photo. Julie’s giant Dr. Huey is only thinking about blooming. After it blooms we will have our 7th annual Dr. Huey tour.

Fourth of July with a Grasshopperlette.

I posted this one last week when it only had 5 roses in bloom.

Bazzoka’s first beavers. It was dark so they are not super clear. the one on the right looks like a bear.

Bazooka’s first swallow. Swallow are faster and more erratic flyers than bats.

Kitty on a Cookbook

My regular post for June 5, 2015 has photos of hummingbirds. You can see it at http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2015/6/hummingbirds. This post was from June 5, 2011.  Stretch, lying on the cookbook, died of renal failure in 2013. We had treated him for renal failure since 2008, so he had a good life given his condition. Mama Manx, in the 4th photo, was Stretch’s mother. She died early this year from a bout of kitty flu. We had treated her for various issues for several years as well.

June 5, 2011: I  squeezed a cup of lime juice, and poured it into the blender with a cup of tequila and a cup of sugar to make frozen margaritas. I plugged in the blender and foosh, half the mixture was all over the kitchen and me. The blender had been turned on before I plugged it in, and I hadn’t noticed the switch was on, because it’s never “on” unless you turn it “on”. This is a big, 3.5 HP, industrial blender that sounds like a 747 when you turn it on, so it’s not one anyone would simply “unplug” to turn it off. It has two switches: one for the two speeds and the other for pulse. The switches are well designed so that they are not easy to “accidentally” turn on, so we’re thinking it was the cats or the ghosts that turned in on while it was unplugged. The margaritas turned out well despite coating the kitchen and myself with half the base before I got the ice in it.

After discussing the possibility of the ghosts turning it on, we turned on Coast to Coast AM and they were playing an old Art Bell show with two EVP specialists for his guests. The had recordings of ghosts that were pretty clear and understandable. Real or not, they were pretty eerie to listen to.

Laurie thinks I’m getting too good at making messes in the kitchen. Last week I experimented with using a side scraping beater in the Kitchen Aid to whip cream. All it did was get cream all over the kitchen. So I switched to the whisk beater, which does a really great job whipping cream, except it leaves un-whipped cream since it doesn’t touch the sides or bottom of the bowl.

Stretch was holding down the cookbook for use tonight. He figured if the ghosts were being ornery they might try to take off with the cookbook.  I found a tiny grasshopper on a dandelion this morning, and Carefree Spirit, a shrub rose, is putting out some nice blooms. Mama Manx was lying on the table, peeking through the leaves. Finally, we have a bloom on Berries & Cream that is “not even”, giving it an interesting shape.

Carefree Spirit

Mama Manx

Berries & Cream — Not Even!