56 thoughts on “Objects

  1. It’s not easy being green
    when green is all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why I sit on this mirror,
    but why wonder why?
    Wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine,
    it’s beautiful!

  2. That’s a great photo of Mr. Grasshopper, Tim! I don’t see too many of them up here, but it may be too dry in summer. I see a few praying mantids now and then.

  3. Love this! LOLOL!
    I’ll be back. I’m having some odd issues with WP.
    I’m using some blogs, like yours to test.

  4. Okay, so weird. I am logged into Art Gowns, working on a post. I am logged out of GLAM.
    When I “Liked” the post, it show my Art Gowns Gravatar.
    When I comment, it shows my GLAM Gravatar. If I click on “Resa”, it takes me to my GLAM blog, which I am logged out of. ??? Some weird glitch?

      • Well, for now, I have to read any answers to my comment, by coming to your blog.
        As comments think I’m on GLAM, they don’t come through on the annotator.
        I’m curious to see, when I’m logged out of AG and back into GLAM, if they are on GLAM’s annotator.
        It’s only happening on certain blogs.

      • I couldn’t comment directly on Susan’s blog post yesterday morning. I had to comment through the Reader. Last night, I was able to comment directly on another of her blog posts.

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