Cat Poses

Spunk, Silver, Marble

Marble, Gwendolyn, Sasha

Glenda, Loki, Gwedolyn & Sasha

Silver, Spunk, Loki

Rainbow for Resa and Shehanne

You can read Resa’s interview with Shehanne Moore about her book “His Judas Bride”, and see Resa’s drawings of Shehanne in Art Gowns at

63 thoughts on “Cat Poses

    • Hi Stine. We have 7 cats. They have access to outdoors via a screen in catio, screened in deck and screened in sally port. I have six kitty litter boxes to clean.

      • Every one of them has a story. I would love to know cat language as well as they know human language. Are we really the most advanced creatures that walk this earth?

      • Kitties make their thoughts and wants known. You end up understanding Cat pretty well when you have a herd of cats.

      • aweee thanks so much.. that’s lovely.. Ollie is sitting in that basket on the table … she’s our new kitchen mascot. People would die if they came over.. lol

      • Our cats are o the counters and tables all the time. I like always having a cat at hand.

  1. OMG! Thank you for the shout out, Tim!
    What an honour to be presented with a cavalcade of your cats.
    Tell Spunkie-Poo 💋 he is very nice letting the other kitties be in the show!

    • Spunk was feeling generous. He was so impressed by your drawings and Shey’s characters that he wanted all the kitties to be in on it.

  2. What a bunch of lovely kitties! I envy you, Timmothy. The last two I had died of old age a few years back, and Husband didn’t want any more cats. I’d had cats since I was a wee one, and sure miss having them around.

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