63 thoughts on “Bullfrog Stick at Sunset

    • Hi Eleanor. We have lots of big bullfrogs. The bullfrogs decimated our leopard frog population.

      • Bullfrogs are invasive. They eat everything they can get into the mouths with includes, frogs, snakes, mice, fish, birds and insects. Larger snakes with eat the bullfrogs along with the herons, cranes, raptors, raccoons and other predators.

    • Given the fact that Bullfrogs will eat anything they can get in their mouths, I would say they don’t take a lot of bull and they would certainly eat a bull if the could. Thanks Brian.

  1. This Bullfrog reminded me of this place in Ohio where they have Jumping Frog Contests every year. One summer one of my students won the contest as he had a very large Bullfrog.
    Cool picture Tim…

    • We call it having a “frog face”. You have a “frog face” when you are in the state of being you described. Thanks, aveRAGE.

    • Fortunately, the cats don’t get out where they can play with bullfrogs. A little frog help?

  2. That is a beautiful image, Tim. I miss hearing bullfrogs, we don’t have them around my area. We have lots of tree frogs, some who have been taking refuge from the heat and drought in flower pots.

    • We don’t have tree frogs. Too dry, I would guess. Altitude might be and issue, also.

  3. When I hear bullfrogs, my heart sags a little, for I know they will alter the natural status of the pond. But that facial expression you captured here, and their wonderful bellowing, make them a unique creature. Great photo Timothy.

    • Thanks, Jet. You have to love bullfrogs for how big and silly they are, but then you have to hate them for their invasiveness.

    • Thanks, Resa. It’s hard to say on the stick. It’s either stuck in mud or it part of a branch lying under water.

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