62 thoughts on “Flowers & Birds

    • Thanks, Eleanor. I’m happy for the confirmation. It has the flycatcher look about it. Oklahoma? You were a neighbor if you were in the panhandle.

  1. “Søren, our African Gray who is 13 years old.”

    You mean Søren is sørteen years old.

    LOL,sorry, for German me this is funny. What do you sink about it? Do you sink I’m stupid?

    • Thanks, Nancy. I’ve had various posts with both birds. They are characters. We are Beaker’s servants. He rings is bell for service. Søren likes to talk, sing and curse.

  2. All of your images are jaw-droppingly beautiful, Timothy.
    So two birds and umpteen cats… any other pets we don’t know about?

  3. Søren is beautiful. I’ve always wanted a parrot but at this point in my life I know I can’t have one. My dogs and cat would not approve. But one day!
    And once again, great pictures 🙂

  4. This is a masterful tapestry of splendid petals and feathers, Tim. A tropical wonderland of magical flora and fauna. Thanks for the composition and marvelous balance.

    • I’m not sure Conures normally live that long, but Beaker is ornery, and like that battery-powered bunny, he keeps on going. Søren can easily live to be 60 or older.

    • Thanks, Mia. The birds don’t get as much blog attention as the cats. Although they get a lot of our attention. Birds are demanding. I’ve done several posts with Beaker over the years, but they are far between.

      • The cats learn to ignore the birds. The kittens are very interested at first, but after getting squirted enough times for stalking beaker when he is out, they finally get it. Tristan has an African Gray that just walks around her her cats. Our birds and cats aren’t that friendly with each other. Søren yells and cusses at the cat’s.

  5. Beautiful Timothy. Beaker is so pretty and so is Soren. She’s still a baby. My Moluccan cockatoo was 16 and soooo gorgeous but eaten by a coyote which broke my heart. He was amazing but sooooo loud!!!🙁☹️

    • Thanks, Cindy. That’s sad about your Cockatoo. Friends a few properties sout of us had a cockatoo that got spooked by a workman, got out and flew off. We are pretty sure a hawk got it. We have so many hawks out here, especially Cooper’s Hawks.

      • You’re so welcome. It was soooo sad. I had just been thinking I felt bad for him and maybe I would build a big cage in the trees or let him come and go but the vet said, he’d never make it. Damn coyote came in the Day at 11 a., and started stocking him. I should have known better. I was devastated. I looked for hours on our property and off down the trail and finally found him. I have his feathers and pull them out and pet him every so often. Sorry for your friends bird. 💖💖💖

    • Thanks, Susan. The parrots have been in various posts. But they don’t get as much blog attention as the cats and wild birds.

  6. Stunning flowers, Tim!
    … and those birds! A 29 year old Conure? How long will it live?
    The African Grey is also gorgeous. How long is its life span?
    So, the cats just leave the birds alone?

    • Beaker is beyond is normal captivity life span of between 20 to 30 years. It’s fairly normal for them to live 20 years in captivity, rare for them to live to be 30. Søren could easily live to be 60 or older. He’ll mostly outlive Laurie and I. The cats learn to leave the birds alone. Glenda and Gwendolyn have finally quit hunting Beaker, but I don’t trust the cats with the birds.

  7. Wow, I didn’t know you had parrots, what amazing photographs, your parrots are so beautiful. Bambi right, no way you probably carry the spiders out side so they are free, that is what my husband does but I don’t like spiders, I just avoid them. I admire all the nature you live with so many creatures. Love ya’ll

      • Oh wow that is a long time. He is a beautiful bird. I was surprised to see how many birds you have. I can sit and watch birds all day long. We had a dozen wild turkeys the other day and I couldn’t believe it as they are usually hard to find if you are looking for them. They were surprisingly big. I think there is so much building going on in the small town we live in outside of Raleigh that we will continue to see more creatures. We put out seed all the time and the deer come often. We love it when we have visitors. You have your own zoo down by the Rio Grande. ❤️🤗😘

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