Walnut Down

Our large Black Walnut Tree that died several years ago was cut down today. Now it can be processed and made into lumber. I’ve been trying to get it taken down for several years. I couldn’t do it by myself, and besides, I don’t own a 36-inch chainsaw. The video below shows the process of cutting down the tree.

There was a very interesting cloud formation to the north tonight.

50 thoughts on “Walnut Down

    • It’s dead and It eventually would have fallen onto the neighbor’s property. It will be good quality lumber. Thanks, Gigi.

  1. I remember when we had 3 evergreens cut down for safety I was so heartbroken but then I also got so much light on our home…I know how long trees take to grow in the north maybe now you have an arty project 🤓🤔have fun Timothy 🌲🌳🌞

  2. Tim, the northern cloud formation looked like an alien ship. They really were fantastic photos. Good that the walnut tree will be used as lumber. 📚🎶 Christine

  3. Interesting clouds on such a blue sky Timothy. Last year we had to cut down ( or rather have it removed) as we noticed it slowly dying and after A close look I found a hole at the bottom and could see termites had gotten into it. When they cut it down it was nearly completely burrowed out inside. I’d never seen anything like that before. It was a beautiful tree , interesting video , it is sad to have to see a tree die. Have a great day.

      • Yeah, I was concerned about the Termites but apparently they were not the kind that get into foundations. I’m sure if we had a hurricane come through it would have been blown apart.

      • One would assume. I read about a guy who fell off his bicycle and a 9 feet long alligator attacked him down your way.

      • We are moving further and further west into the Everglades , alligator’s are a likely to show up in the yard and seemingly more aggressive, I guess they don’t like the intrusion. Seriously , some very bad things are happening with our wildlife. Not long ago a young woman on her lunch break lay down on a piling beneath an overpass of a busy road fell asleep and was devoured by an alligator. It’s disturbing.

    • H Maj & Sher. I plan on selling the tree to a someone you can process and they can sell the lumber. I don’t have a need for that much walnut. That was in on the clouds last night.

  4. TIMBER!
    Did anyone say TIMBER?
    I’m sorry you lost all your Walnut trees. Now there will be some beautiful wood coming from it.
    Happy Sunday my friend!

  5. Think I have size envy – that chainsaw was huge. Also never seen anyone chainsaw a full tree (vs just the stump) on their knees before due to the lack of mobility.. He must have been confident in his cuts.

    • Hi Brian. That is a monster chainsaw. My chainsaw is only 14 inches. Some years ago when I was on work related travel. I watched a CSI or something like that in the hotel room. Some guy had been chainsawed. They concluded at the end of the show that it was because he was left handed and all chainsaws are right handed. He tried to use the chainsaw left handed, it got away from him and sawed him up. I thought, no wonder I don’t have a TV. That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I use a chainsaw left handed all the time, depending on how I need to make the cut and how close to the ground I need to be. If you notice, Maurizio turned that monster upside down and made the first two cuts left handed. Maurizio is master lumber jack. They work for the power company up north and take down huge trees that are in the power lines.

      • I chuckled when I read your comment on the handed chainsaws and thought exactly like you did. Sounds like you were in good “hands” with Maurizio.

  6. This was dangerous work, Tim. I’m so glad that you were able to give this tree a honoured goodbye. Ever since the heatwave, trees outside our building have been under great stress. They are now scheduled for removal to be replaced by trees that are hardy and in keeping with our climate. These days, city planners have a better understanding of how to build “green” spaces within cities. A great video that documented the event.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I used to take down trees by myself, but I can’t do large ones by myself anymore. The planners are getting better. They’ve some really bad decisions about trees in the past out here.

  7. sweet clouds…The clouds where you are always look like paintings. Mostly water colours, but sometimes acrylics, or oils.
    The tree…. interesting video.
    First time I saw a tree chopped down, I was 7. It was a pine tree, in my grandparents yard.
    I cried uncontrollably. Baba explained the whole thing to me. She said it was sick because of the ants. Blame it on the ants! It was the only thing I can recall that she didn’t blame on the bogey man. Although, if I hadn’t been there and seen it with my own eyes, I’m sure the bogey man would have taken the fall!

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