I went out to photograph the pending storm this afternoon. Laurie asked if I was doing a time lapse video. I told her I needed to go in and get my tripod. On the way in to get my tripod, Laurie asked if I thought it was too early to take the clothes off the line. I said you probably should take them in earlier than later. My clothes got caught in a downpour last weekend and I had to bring them inside and rehang them in the house. Laurie headed for the clothes line, a went in and grabbed my tripod. I opened the door to the deck and “Boom!” the rain started coming down hard. Laurie had hung her clothes on hangers on the clothes line, so she was able to get the clothes gathered and inside before she got too wet. Very smart of her. The rain was intense for about an hour, which included hail every now and then.

Here’s a short video of the rain with a little hail.

Spunk decided to go inside and show the kittens how to sing with his tail while it rained. I put a translation of what he is singing on the ticker tape along the bottom of the screen in the video.

65 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I had 3K to do to get my 10K for the day. Got dressed, stepped outside and it started to rain, accompanied by thunder. I went anyway.
    Is that really Spunk making those sounds?

    • When you get soaked in this rain, you get chilled to the bone. The rain is freezing cold at this altitude. That is spunk really making those sounds. It’s how he announces that he’s killed his tail or whatever toy he has in his mouth at the time. I need to get more recordings of him. He does most of his tail-killing in the middle of the night. He has more than one tail and other toys he kills. He often leaves them by doors like sacrifices to ward off evil spirits.

      • Oh, not as fun. My rain was warm… until some wind came in, then I was glad to already be home! And right, that makes sense that the rain would be freezing in your neck!
        My goodness, that is something else! Not so fun to be woken to, I should think. And I’m laughing thinking of him killing his tail and leaving them like sacrifices to ward off evil spirits… You are a hoot, Tim.

      • I was awakened at 1:30 this morning by helicopters close by and voices from the helicopters over load speakers yelling “lie down flat on your stomach!” I could not wake up enough to record it. There was nothing on any of the news internet sites this morning about what was going on.

    • Spunk is a character. I don’t mind lighting, and a love to photograph it. Thanks, Becky.

      • Lightning is hard when you are trying to be as fast as it is. Not impossible but very difficult. However, lightning is easy to capture if you have a camera with a “Bulb” setting. When you press the shutter button on Bulb it keeps the shutter open until you close it. If there is a lighting storm, you stop down the lens to ƒ/16 and open the shutter until the lightning flashes. Close the shutter and then open it until the next flash of lightning happens, and so on. Lightning is so bright that it will record on the sensor even though the rest of the scene is mostly black.

  2. Strong rain is welcome in dry summers, even in Germany some regions and people actually are going through hard times and have lost their homes, some of them two centuries old houses, simply washed away by a new power of rainfalls and highwaters there, probably caused by the climate changes. Around here, I would like, some rain was coming by and love your video.
    Watching Spunk playing the instrument is fun. What a precious toy!

    • There’s been flooding in various parts of the country and in parts of the state, also. Spunk is a funny kitty. Thanks, Heidi.

  3. As I’m reading this allI can hear is the rain pounding down. Happened out of nowhere. One of those sudden rains where you kind of stop and go.. “what is that?” It’s so loud! But it didn’t last as long as your. Very sporadic and short. Maybe we’ll get some more later. Spunk is adorable as well. You must never have a dull moment with all the little ones running around.

  4. It will always happen like this!!! No clouds in the sky, I’m driving home thinking “good, no rain, clothes are safe!” And just at the end of that phrase a fat drop falls on the windshield and another…. to find clothes wetter than when I hang them! 🙄
    It’s nice though getting these summer rains.
    That is one very interesting and avant garde cat composition! I mean really interesting! Love the translation!
    Happy weekend, my friend.

    • The weather is the best quickchange artist. Spunk is an avant garde cat. I need to get more recordings of his kitty singing. It’s become much more varied, but I’m always too sleepy to manage the recorder when he’s singing with his tail in the middle of the night.

  5. I love the sound of rain – something we hear quite a lot…..and Spunk’s tail is amazing. I would love to get one for my daughter’s cats….where did you get this? Janet 🙂

  6. LOL! Ain’t no one getting Spunkie Poo’s 💋 tail.
    It’s so hilarious, the way he dominates those tails!
    I see you live in the saying..”When it rains it pours”.
    I hope the rain & hail ended up good for the Bosque.

    • Hi Resa. The rain is really good for the bosque and all our trees and plants, including your tree. Now that all the elms are cup out of the east fence, I get a clear view of your tree from the ditch bank. Spunk is very creative with his tails.

    • Thanks, YellowCable. He’s done that for years, but just recently has he let us photo and video him with his tail in his mouth.

  7. Could have used some of that cold rain earlier today – had a short 7 mile race along some hilly Mississippi River bluffs in Davenport IA and the heat index went to 103. Spunk always cracks me up.

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