Gully Washer

Clouds were building up in the late afternoon. We got a fifteen-minute gully washer at 6:40 pm. Turn up the volume on the video and listen to the rain.

The sky 40 minutes before the storm looking east, west and southeast.

A tiny rainbow before the storm


Mermaid was happy after we finally got a decent rain last night.

We had a thunderstorm that started yesterday afternoon and rained late into the night producing 0.54 inches (1.4 cm) of rain. A happy Mermaid put on several blooms this morning.

Glenda on the deck, listening to the rain.

Morning clouds after the storm at sunrise.

Can you see Marina’s “Incognito” Pear Tree?

Ever Changing

6:00 am

First moon I’ve seen in weeks. 6:05 am.

Down pour at 2:00 pm.

The first photo in the gallery below was taken at 7:38 pm. The last photo was taken at 8:12 pm. Click on the gallery to view the photos larger, and in a slide show.


I went out to photograph the pending storm this afternoon. Laurie asked if I was doing a time lapse video. I told her I needed to go in and get my tripod. On the way in to get my tripod, Laurie asked if I thought it was too early to take the clothes off the line. I said you probably should take them in earlier than later. My clothes got caught in a downpour last weekend and I had to bring them inside and rehang them in the house. Laurie headed for the clothes line, a went in and grabbed my tripod. I opened the door to the deck and “Boom!” the rain started coming down hard. Laurie had hung her clothes on hangers on the clothes line, so she was able to get the clothes gathered and inside before she got too wet. Very smart of her. The rain was intense for about an hour, which included hail every now and then.

Here’s a short video of the rain with a little hail.

Spunk decided to go inside and show the kittens how to sing with his tail while it rained. I put a translation of what he is singing on the ticker tape along the bottom of the screen in the video.