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    • I didn’t see the beast tonight. Only the impressions it left. We did see a long red, coachwhip snake yesterday, and Tristan had a striped coachwhip snake crawling on her screen asking to go inside. Thanks, Dale.

  1. How timely, walked out on the front porch today and was greeted by a rather large corn snake. We had a few words,, informed it what I would have to do to it if the wife were to see it first and heeding that warning took off into the woods. Based on the tire reference looks like yours had some size to it. Shots like the first couple always remind me of life’s timing – close the gap between the passing of the tired vehicle and the snake and there ‘s a different story to tell (similar to what I always tell Linda while on the road – we are 30 seconds either direction from being killed so stay alert!

    • Good thing the corn sanke listened to you. We are always on the edge. Thanks, Brian.

    • No. We don’t have sidewinders up this far north. Sidewinder impressions look more like a wavy tire track. This was either a large bull snake or coachwhip snake. I think it was most likely a bull snake. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • I’ve never seen a rattler in the valley, but we have them on the mesa. My sister lives on the edge of Petroglyph National Park. She used to call me to get rattlesnakes out of her yard and then I would let them go on the mesa. She has since learned how to wrangle them herself and let them go on the mesa. Tristan, who also lives on the edge of the park had a big diamond back rattlesnake that would visit her yard, but she hasn’t seen it this year. She is afraid someone killed it.

      • We have our share of poisonous snakes, coral snakes are prolific here. I was swimming at Blue Springs a couple of Years ago , having a great time sticking close to the deck when within one foot of me was a Cotton mouth,I have no plans to swim in the springs again. I’m sure you’ve heard our Everglades are overrun with Pythons. They are paying by the foot for captured Python, they are killing off the indigenous wildlife, even the Florida Panther, already endangered.

      • I have heard the pythons are a problem. You also have problems with iguanas and other large lizards that escaped or were let go from the pet trade. You probably have copperheads, also? Cotton mouths are big snakes that would give one a start to have one that close. The only dangerous venomous snakes we have up here are rattlesnakes. There are coral snakes in the very southern part of the state. If pythons or iguanas got loose here, by November they would die from the cold.

  2. Love the snake impressions.
    Confession: I had a crush on the video game character “Snake” from the Metal Gear series.
    In his last episode (that I actually played) he had a patch on one eye.
    He was so sexy… yet a cartoon.
    One day I was in a line up to buy the latest version of .. I think Resident Evil..
    Anyway, I had read online that Drake was voted the sexiest video game dude.
    While we were all stewing in the line-up, I blurted out that Snake was the sexiest, not Drake.
    Lol! I started a big brewhaha, and all the teen boys were totally in line with my thinking. Drake was a loser!
    That was FUN!

  3. That is a sight that I’ve never seen before! Leaves room for the imagination… it looks huge! Yikes, snakes give me a bit of a scare! πŸ™‚

      • Hello Timothy, I’m honestly a bit scared to click on those photos. LOL!!!!!! I will leave it to the imagination. I appreciate your effort and how much I learn from you about nature! LOL.

      • When you feel brave. The snakes are beautiful. In the last link, Laurie is following the Bull Snake around.

      • Omg! They are your posts… LOL the cat and the funny music made it joyful… I was imagining these ginormous snakes but they have patterns and are quite delicate! A black tongue, wow!

      • Timothy, I swear I saw a bullsnake today! What a synchronicity. I think it’s a spiritual lesson for me… face your fears, and make it easier by making the situation very comical in the mind! It’s a tip I learned from an emotional intelligence course! Anyway, seeing the snakes from your post today inspired me to stand there and stare at the snake, and see it in action! I believe it was hunting in a squirrels den!

      • Good for you. Snakes are fascinating and as long as they don’t feel threatened they just do their thing and won’t bother you in the least. What part of the world are you in? I was thinking Canada for some reason, but looking on your about, I have no idea where I got that idea.

      • I bet! And animals have great body language to let us know how they are feeling. Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚ Very close! I’ve been to Canada twice and loved it! However, I’m from the West Coast of the USA. And you?! Cheers!

      • Snakes use a lot of body language when the feel threatened. Check out this Hognose snake. They play dead when all else fails when they feel threatened: https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2017/6/the-drama-queen

        I’m in New Mexico. You’ve been to Canada two more time than I have. We were in San Diego in 2019 for a conference. My brother lives in San Diego. He and his wife were able to come to my paper presentation, which was nice. I met another blogger while we were there, also. She had paintings in a show and we were able to go to the opening of the show.

      • Omg… wow… a very dramatic showing that is! My heart skipped many beats.

        Wow, I have never been to New Mexico! I do have a random fact, that it is one of the most dog-owning states in the USA! Amazing, San Diego is a beautiful & warm place with so many beaches and museums! Are you happening to talk about Tiffany, the artist? I follow her and love her colors! πŸ™‚

      • I did not know that, but I’m not surprised as a lot of people have dogs. Back in the 70s, local musicians Hank & Lewie Wickham had a song called Corrales (we live in Corrales, NM). They mentioned Corrales had many more dogs and horses than people. I found records for sale with the song Corrales on it, but nothing on YouTube for listening to.

        Yes, it was Tiffany. Tiffany is sweet, fun and colorful in person. Her husband is a really cool guy as well. I put one of her paintings on a guitar last summer.

      • LOL! There are more dogs and horses than people, that made me laugh! I suppose that’s rare nowadays! There is so much land space for everyone! That’s awesome. That’s nice to have a singer from NM, you can relate to the music he sings from his experiences in NM. πŸ™‚

        Wow!!! That sounds fun. Also, now it is an artist creating art on an instrument that will play art for an artist that is the creator of the musical art.

      • I think there are still more dogs than people. I don’t know if horses outnumber people these days, but there are a lot of horses out here still.

        You can see the guitar and listen to it while watching the kittens playing soon after we got them at: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-5qL

      • That’s must be fun to live in a place where there are just so many animals everywhere! And… you get to be a catwhisper!

        Cool! There are many colors! The yellow spiral stands out to me! Very bold.

      • I’m more of a cat herder. Tumultuos is a beautiful painting and it really looks good on the guitar.

      • What is a cat herder?! Tumultuous means “making a loud noise”, which goes well with a guitar! And it’s expressed by how many vivid colors there are!

      • LOL! A-meow-zing…. cats are one of my favorite beings to connect with. πŸ™‚

      • I really enjoyed your poetry. I think you have a lot of poisonous snakes there. We only see black racers around the house and they are harmless. Blue must be a pet snake which I don’t think I have seen yet. β€οΈπŸ€—

      • The dangerous poisonous snakes we have out here are rattlesnakes. The other snakes are pretty harmless.

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