When Wet It’s Roses

No sunset, no moon, I couldn’t check on the owls. Rain, much needed rain, kept me inside to post photos of roses. The first Dr. Huey in the above photo. Julie’s giant Dr. Huey is only thinking about blooming. After it blooms we will have our 7th annual Dr. Huey tour.

Fourth of July with a Grasshopperlette.

I posted this one last week when it only had 5 roses in bloom.

Bazzoka’s first beavers. It was dark so they are not super clear. the one on the right looks like a bear.

Bazooka’s first swallow. Swallow are faster and more erratic flyers than bats.

49 thoughts on “When Wet It’s Roses

  1. That red climber is spectacular!
    I got a fair amount of rain up here, too. We needed a day like this.

  2. I’m glad you are getting rain Timothy. These roses are so beautiful , I adore rose trees , probably more than rose bushes. The Veil of roses cover the wood fence is just beyond words. Thank you fir sharing these beauties.

    • Thanks, Heidi. We and around 300 rose bushes several years ago. Many late freezes over the years has decimated our rose garden. My last count was 135 rose bushes are still thriving.

  3. The roses are gorgeous. It’ll be fun watching the beavers. We’ve been seeing Chimney Swifts at altitudes the last couple of days. Wish they’d drop down to our yard and do some insect sweeping!

  4. Good to see Dr. Huey and the parade of roses! Enjoyed the beavers and swallow, too.

    38 degrees here this morning with gathering clouds. It’s going to be a cool one.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. That’s rather cool. It’s been in the mid 40s in the mornings here this week.

  5. Tim, the roses are stunning. The fragrance of so many must be incredible. Sometimes I smell the few just outside my front door, and it’s wonderful. I’m glad there was rain. We didn’t get any down here, but it was nice that the humidity wasn’t in the single digits. Hugs on the wing.

  6. Be careful not to pull a muscle with photographing those swallows! Decrease the fstop (1/f or however you think about adding depth), find a lot of light and pray.

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