Lots To Look At

Bazooka’s fist Dragonfly

Major Tom Peepers, Sleepy and Mona Lisa.


We finally got Laurie’s new MacBook Air M1 so I could have my MacBook Pro that I use for recording back. The first thing I did after I got Laurie’s new M1 set up yesterday was to go into the studio and re-record the lead guitar parts and cleaned up some parts with the bass and rhythm guitar where I was out of comp├ís in Wood Duck Daze. Then I put the new track with the video. I think there are still one or to rough spots, but overall it’s much improved and the lead guitars are really wild like those crazy Wood Ducks.

Tabatha Towhee gave us her rendition of Habanera from Carmen by Bizet.

Bravo! Bravo! Tabatha Towhee.

On the flip side.

Well done Tabatha.

Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa.

Lizards looking for love. The male, above, was chasing the female, below. He was doing a bobbing lizard dance for her.

Larry Lizard

Lorena Lizard

All three owlets snoozing.

Altisimo in profile.


Mama Owl

Lady Banks in her massive Glory.


Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers. Sleepy is, you guessed it, sleeping.


A pearlet on Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree.

Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers posing.

“Hey Mona. I think we need to get that stupid Paparazzo to build us a shade structure.”