Lots To Look At

Bazooka’s fist Dragonfly

Major Tom Peepers, Sleepy and Mona Lisa.


We finally got Laurie’s new MacBook Air M1 so I could have my MacBook Pro that I use for recording back. The first thing I did after I got Laurie’s new M1 set up yesterday was to go into the studio and re-record the lead guitar parts and cleaned up some parts with the bass and rhythm guitar where I was out of compΓ‘s in Wood Duck Daze. Then I put the new track with the video. I think there are still one or to rough spots, but overall it’s much improved and the lead guitars are really wild like those crazy Wood Ducks.

Tabatha Towhee gave us her rendition of Habanera from Carmen by Bizet.

Bravo! Bravo! Tabatha Towhee.

On the flip side.

Well done Tabatha.

Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa.

Lizards looking for love. The male, above, was chasing the female, below. He was doing a bobbing lizard dance for her.

Larry Lizard

Lorena Lizard

All three owlets snoozing.

Altisimo in profile.


Mama Owl

Lady Banks in her massive Glory.


Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers. Sleepy is, you guessed it, sleeping.


A pearlet on Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree.

Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers posing.

“Hey Mona. I think we need to get that stupid Paparazzo to build us a shade structure.”

55 thoughts on “Lots To Look At

  1. Not going to touch the WDiaT out of jealousy ha – the dragon and towhee shots are tack sharp. Those red eyes are just always cool to look at. Getting a little worried about Sleepy.

    • Hi Brian. The Towhee was singing in nice sunlight. Makes a huge difference in sharpness when I’m not having to shoot against back lighting at sunset and the darkness at dusk.

      • That will definitely sharpen those shots right – out of curiosity,am I the only one that doesn’t get an option to “like” a comment. I see you are able to, but there is no option for me to do similar with your responses.

      • When you are on my blog, you have to clock on a title and be on the post to like and comment. If you are at the home page where you can endlessly scroll through all the posts, there are no options for liking or commenting until you click on a title go to the post. That’s just part of the theme.

  2. Oh man! The things you capture. I am constantly left awestruck, Tim!
    I’m all pleased I sorta kinda got a family of Canadian geese today… sheesh!

    • I’m sure you got great photos of the Canadian Geese family. Brian noted the clarity on the Tabatha Towhee. I told him it makes a lot of difference when the subject is in daylight and not backlit at sunset or in the darkness of dusk like most of my photos.

      • Was stuck behind a bunch of branches. They were already nervous at my presence so I didn’t push it. I’ll share tomorrow (later!)

  3. I’m very curious to see how your new M1 Mac is going to perform. I’m planning to buy a new M1 iMac soon, maybe the iMac Pro model. I have read a lot of positive reactions about the M1…

    • Hi Herman. I’ve been using a Mac Mini M1 with 8x8x16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD since the first of the year. I replaced a 2013 Mac Pro with a 12 core 3.7GHz Xeon processor and 64GB RAM with the M1. The M1 performs much better in ever aspect so far. The M1 is extremely stable, also. I got the President an MacBook Air M1 at the same time, and he is very happy with it.

      I’m waiting to see if they release a rumored 16″ MacBook Pro M2. I assume the 27″ iMac will be an M2 as well.

      • I’m going to wait a while for the new iMac (Pro?) models. I’m using an 27″ right now and going back to the new 24″ model doesn’t seem interesting to me. Although I hear a lot of positive comments so far…

      • It’s hard to go to a smaller screen size. Although I haven’t had a desktop computer at home since 2009. After my 2011 17″ MacBook Pro screen died for the third time and was over 5 years old, I had to go back to a 15″ screen. I considered the 16″ MacBook Pro, but to get the configuration I would like is just too much money. I’ll wait for the M2. No more Intel processors for me.

  4. Thanks for this great picture collection. I love the dragonflies ! The young owls are so cute. Oh…. I almost forgot your song πŸ™‚ Gorgeous !

  5. Hey, did I just land in Paradise? I sure did! And don’t mind the two owlets paparazzo. I think deep down they love the exposure. Keep clicking!
    Wood Duck Daze got even better!
    Good to hear Laurie got her new mac! Happy creating to both!
    …and Happy Monday and week ahead!

  6. Don and I listened to your video twice already and will be going back again – you have a way of bringing music together with poetry and humour. Stellar work, Tim! And your photography is extraordinary. Congratulations to Laurie on her new MacBook Air M1!!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I’m happy you like my music. I think there are a lot of people who don’t think much of it. If you do Apple, you will definitely enjoy the M1, or M2 when it’s released, on your next upgrade.

    • Thanks, Holly. Yes dragon flies are magical. I believe you have many more lizard than we do and you get some big ones like iguanas and Tegus that have been introduced. We have “wee ones” as Shey would say.

      • I have many wee ones on my back porch, it is spring. The Iguana are fascinating esp in the winter when they seize up but some backstory life. Nature is hysterical

      • I think you need to consider a Bazooka of sorts. I was kind of wondering how I would get along with a fixed lens super telephoto lens (it’s equivalent to 640mm on my Canon 7D MkII with its crop sensor) but I’m finding I am using it for so much. I have to stand several feet away from any subject I shoot with it, but the lens is so sharp and can crop photos to macro level on the computer. So it has turned out to be much more versatile than I had imaged.

  7. It’s high time that you were given some awards for your photography, Tim! Brilliant!
    Makes me jealous, mind, but, still. Hehehe!

    • Thanks, Inchcock. My rewards and awards are you and everyone else getting to enjoy our little part of the world.

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