Life’s Habit

Life’s Habit
Music: Jefferson Airplane
Lyrics: Timothy Price

One bill makes you wonder
And one Bill makes you sad
And the bill for the electric
Only makes you mad
Was in Corrales
When I took the call

When climbing walls becomes a habit
And there’s no paper in the stall
You dream of hula and smoking hot chicks
You have nothing left at all
To call Corrales
Where I take my calls

You see those men on the surfboard
Hang ten got it all on GoPro
They crash and burn like Max Headroom
Now their moving very slow
Was in Corrales
I had seen the show

Sympathy nor restoration
Dialog cut off is dead
And the dark nights reel us backwards
And feeling mad about what’s ahead
Remember simple words you said
“Try peace instead, try peace instead”

53 thoughts on “Life’s Habit

  1. Another one of your really good ones-I was torn between laughing and crying-with beautiful and interesting images. I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Another great cover and I’m sure this song will keep on playing in my head today… Great video and lyrics, Tim!

    • Thanks Shey. That electric bill was quite a shock. It’s normally $8. PNM replaced the old meter with a digital meter, for some reason there was no meter on the pole when the meter ready went to read the meter. So he read the meter on the house, so the the electricity use was calculated from 0 the month before, to the total on the digital meter for the house which was replaced in 2013.

      • My GOD!! yeah. I mind we got a smart meter and it had this voice box thingy that told you how much you’;d used. I took a hammer tae it eventually. It was doing my had in. Now we are with some renewable company and they are amazing.

      • That would be emough to drive you crazy. When Laurie had Siri on on her iPhone, Siri used to butt into our conversations all the time. One time I said Siri was stupid and she said I hurt her feelings. Yeah right! But having a nanny electric meter would be too much. Our gas meter is under a giant rose bush, so they put and automatic reader on it so the meterman didn’t have to crawl under the rose bush to read it. After they put the auto-reader on it our gas bill went down considerably and became more consistent with the seasons. Hmmm!

      • Hell Timothy, I was scared to put on alight incase I got told I had spent 10 p over the agreed budget for the day… SO yeah, enough was enough. Laughing re Siri. We used Google maps to get to that mountain we did the other weekend cos we had never been up to Glen Isla and okay, we are used to doing Glencoe , where the laugh is you can make any set of instructions fit any hill and you do, so you end up doing the wrong hill, I ‘fess up that I did get abusive the amount of times she’d say, ‘Turn right. Turn right,’ when the turn was still yards away. Then I felt bad miscalling her when she got us to the exact parking spot which was kind of off the grid actually.

      • Google maps can come up with some interesting routes. There was a time we were seeing a lot on people getting stuck on the sanding ditch bank that crosses our road. Then one day a friend who was coming out for the first time called because she was stuck in the sand. I went up and pulled her out and asked her how she ended up on the ditch bank. Turns out Google sent her to Andrews Lane that dead ends at the ditch bank. Google showed it as a good connection. Wrong. But that solved the mystery as to why people were getting stuck on the ditch bank.

    • BTW Do you remember the “Drive slow see our Village…” Signs? Came across that photo and brought back a lot of weird memories. Joel should have pilfered those signs for speaker cabinets.

      • Yep, I remember the sign well. “Welcome to Corrales. Slow the hell down”. :))
        And yes, I changed the avatar . Thought I’d make an “Appearance”.

  3. EXCELLENT!!!!
    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ (Holly & me, as Rabbit Sisters!)
    πŸ•Š Peace!
    A wonderful parody and absolutely your best vocal performance to date. You got that passion happening.
    Love this, Tim!!!!

    • Thanks, Flo. This one was inspired by Resa. I would never had considered doing a parody of White Rabbit, but we were having some exchanges that involved the song, and I got the idea for the lyrics. Do you know Resa at ArtGowns: She makes the most beautiful dresses and illustrates wonderful stories.

      • I didn’t know her but I just went to her site. It is wonderful! She is very talented, her dresses are beautiful and her drawings too. Thank you Timothy, I am glad I discovered Resa’s work, thanks to you.

      • You are welcome. Resa is so talented and such a sweet person.

  4. YIKES!! I couldn’t believe the invoice for over $1,500, Tim! A great video. Your use of humour makes your messages vivid and memorable. Love that phone call!

    • Hi Rebecca. When I opened than bill I thought what mess up did PNM do this time? When a bill for a meter I don’t really use goes from $8 to over $1500, I knew it was PNM doing something stupid. When I wrote the parody I had no intention of making it into a video. It just happened that with the way things were happening recently a video started making sense.

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