Persistence of contrails

Persistence of cuteness

Persistence of drought

The Persistence of Keyboard Covers. Happy Birthday Dalí!

Persistence of bunnies in the sky

Persistence of purples

65 thoughts on “Persistences

  1. Persistence of entertaining posts!. Still keeping my eye on Sleepy, he needs to step it up on the maturity curve or it will be left behind.

    • Hi Brian. Sleepy is enjoying having the nest to himself. He crawls out every now and then. Once Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa fly off to another tree, Sleeping will enjoy the rim to himself.

      • No, they begin on the 17th!! I have a weeklong study holiday currently. ;D

      • I have to pay taxes on the 17th. While you have the pain of starting exams, I have the pain of my wallet getting much thinner. We can feel each other’s pain.

  2. Hi Timothy. Remember us? Somehow the WP Grinch (or some otherworldly cyber varmint) had unfollowed us from your posts. It has been a while since we saw yours, and in the back of my feeble mind I wondered if you had gotten busy with your new office space or something. Anyway, got a lot of catchup to perform on your posts we’ve missed…

    • BTW I saw your Olive Garden post. I didn’t like it because I don’t like Olive Garden. I’ve been to Olive Garden twice because that’s where a friend wanted to eat the first time and another time when I met a colleague for lunch. Both times at two different locations the food was horrible. I said no more Olive Garden after that.

      • Funny how consistency is near impossible for these national chains to achieve. We used to love Cheddars ’til 2 bad ones. We now have a one strike and you’re out attitude towards crappy visits at chains.

      • I rarely eat out, but sometimes I have to go out with friends, colleagues and clients. Sometimes good old stand bys have bad days.

    • Thanks, Marina. Or keyboard condoms if you prefer. Laurie likes to use them on her MacBook keyboards. The give the keyboards a softer touch and protects from spills. So far the KbCs have been more persistent in outlasting the MacBooks, because each MacBook requires a new KbC — the layouts on the F-keys change.

      • The old ones are good for putting on Spunk to make a parody of Salvador Dalí.

      • It sure is. I just added a happy birthday with the persistence of keyboard covers.

      • Let’s hope so. I always liked Dalí and his craziness. How do you keep up with artists’ birthdays? I only know about them when you do a tribute or mention a birthday like Dalí’s.

      • At the start of a month I note artists and composers birthdays on my calendar. If I have time, I do a tribute, if not… there’s always next year! 🤣😂 I do this because I enjoy it, so doing it on a rush wouldn’t be right! 😉

      • I’m happy you do it. I totally understand it’s not worth the rush. The spirits of the artists appreciate you don’t rush through their tributes.

      • No no no no hauntings. There is enough of that without conjuring spirits doing hasty posts.

  3. The photos are amazingly beautiful, as always especially those dramatic skies! Spunk and the owlets look pleased with themselves.

    How is Sleepy owlet doing? She/he seemed a little behind the other two in development. A later hatching?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Sleepy’s the runt, but he will catch up. I think he is enjoying having the nest to himself when the other two are out of it.

  4. Persistence of your beautiful photos and wild life , long May the persist. Happy birthday Dali. The owlets have stolen my heart. The bunny in the sky is breathtaking! Sending lots of hugs!

    • Thanks Holly. Love the hugs. Give your sweet, ornary kitty a big hug and kiss for me. BTW The electrician who does work for us rides a Harley. He told me he picked up an old Norton. I have another friend who’s going to help him restore the Norton. My friend who restores cars and bikes has a 1944 Norton he’s working on. There seems to be a lot of old motorcycle restoring going on.

      • I will pass on the hugs 🤗. This morning I caught a pic of my neighbors black cat ( actually I think he lives here) stalking a bird in my tree. He was Tidey Man’s nemesis.
        For those who are into it and skilled restoring old bikes and cars are a wonderful pastime. Plus those babies are worth some bucks afterward. I’m going to have to Google the Norton , I’m not familiar with that motorcycle. I’m starting to get the feeling your getting the riding bug! Stay safe and well , belly and ear rubs to this sweet kitties! Hugs to you and yours!

      • Norton started out as a British company. Not sure who has them these days. That “hit the road” feeling is part of spring fever, I believe.

  5. I am trying to read a book on weather forecasting and would be finding it a lot less soporific and a lot more interesting if you had done the pictures.

  6. Fabulous photos!!! Persistence is a powerful word, Tim. One that keeps us focused on a goal, a mission. I think back to Sisyphus who was forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top. While this may seem to be a futile task, I am learning that beginning again is a way to see something new that we may not have seen before. That when our “boulders” roll down the hill, there is opportunity. But there is always a caveat – may we chose our boulders wisely.
    On another topic, I have never used a keyboard cover before and am thinking that it is time to look for one. Any recommendations?

    • And we especially don’t want the boulders to roll down over us. I just get the color Laurie likes and one that goes with the computer model. We have three keyboard covers because the F Keys layouts change in the different MacBooks models.

  7. A fabulous post, persistent with persistences.
    I didn’t know Spunkie-Poo 💋 was related to Dali!
    Will it be droughty all summer?

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