48 thoughts on “New Blooms

  1. Ah… that photo of the three siblings among the blooms is incredible!!!!
    …and the blooms of course and the painter’s sky and… that a chemtrail from a dusty sky?!

    • Chemtrail in a cloudy sky. Uh oh. Either one is a good names for a song. The owlets were in good form. Thanks, Marina.

      • Chemtrails From a Dusty Sky…sung to Ghost Riders in the Sky? Beautiful mix of photos. Those persimmon colored flowers are spectacular. Are they real, dried or imitation?

      • Thanks, Mary Jo. That is a wonderful idea for a parody; however, I think you need to do that parody. Writing parody lyrics is good exercise in lexicalization as Inchcock would say. Teagan and I already did Ghost Mousies in the Sky. I can send you the music if you want to make a go at it.

      • Oh that’s right, Tim! You used that song recently…duh I’m forgetful. Thanks, but I’ll pass, leaving this to the expert. 🙂

      • If you have lyrics in mind you should write them down. You just never know.

    • Hi Rebecca. The owlets really grow up fast. Their parents have to work hard keeping them fed.

    • Hi Resa. It’s an orchid in the second shot. Tristan gave it to Laurie from Mother’s days. It’s really very magenta, but it’s hard to get the right color under the incandescent lights over the counter. I have some shots of Spunk under its arch.

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