Tabatha Towhee Gets Some Grub

Tabatha Towhee was scratching around in the leaves a few feet in front of me getting some grub at sunset.

She had a real beak full before she flew off. I presume she is feeding wee tiny towhees close by.

Owlets backlit with Sleepy and Mona Lisa back in the hole.

Copper and white iris

Mama Owl catching a catnap while waiting for Daddy Owl to bring dinner.

The rose that took over. It’s a free, free-range rose that is freely ranging over the arch and fence next to where I park my car.

North view last night

49 thoughts on “Tabatha Towhee Gets Some Grub

  1. I must admit that your roses look very nice compared with ours….
    Always fun to see the owlets.
    I see a beautiful sky too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Rudi. Roses really like our dry climate as long as I can get enough water to them.

  2. Tabatha caught red handed! She is beautiful and doesn’t seem to mind the paparazzo! Those owlets are precious, the way their little heads peak. Those roses seem to enjoy symmetry. Sigh, more beauty for my day. Thank you, my friend.

    • I’m not sure she really noticed me. I love how the owlets heads are backlit. The roses were definitely having a sense of symmetry yesterday mocking the fence line. I’m always happy to give you a little beauty to start your day.

  3. It’s late spring in Corrales, with beautiful skies, roses and new life in the bosque. Good catch of Tabitha Towhee with beak full of food!

    How does it look for the Dr. Huey tour this year?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Things are “Hotting up!” as the Brits say. I noticed one large Dr. Huey along Corrales Road is in full bloom, but ours are simply thinking about it. I haven’t talked to Susan or Laurie about it, but since we are all vaccinated I think we will try to fit something in.

  4. Some of the very best photos Iโ€™ve seen Timothy. The Towhee is a beautiful little bird. Iโ€™d love to see her hatchlings if they are around. The Owls are so beautiful they seem an illusion and those rises take my breath away. So well done Timothy. It brightens the day to visit you.

    • Thanks, Holly. Congratulations on your poem. I have a video of the Towhee scratching for the grubs that I need to process. It’s really cute. I’m not sure where they nest, but the little ones would be adorable. The owls will be flying soon. It’s amazing how fast they grow. I’m always happy to brighten your day.

      • You do brighten the day Timothy. I hope you can find the Towhee nest. Youโ€™re a bit of sunshine , something we all need these days!

  5. Have you noticed that birds only eat what they need. Have you ever see a tubby Towhee. Probably not. I think Iโ€™m going to follow the bird diet for a while. That grub looks delicious. LOL

    • I’ve seen fat and happy robbins. I have a friend who lived in Thailand for years. He says he misses having all the bugs they would eat there.

    • Our irises and roses are just starting. Things are suffering from the dryness. Thanks, Teri.

  6. Another gluttony of beauty! Sure beats the view of urban carnage outside my window.
    OKAY… so north view. I want to learn the trees. Is the tree 2nd from centre & forefront on the right side Gi’s tree?

    • Hi Resa. None of the AGMs trees are in this north view. All of those trees are in the neighbors’ yards. I rarely show a north view without your tree on the left. This was an exception.

      • Ahh!
        I’ve got the pic you sent with my tree on the right. It’s from the post where you name all of the trees. I’m going back to find that post.
        Then that pic, as my tree is on the right, is a south view?

    • The owls often have their back turned with looking back at us. It’s amazing how they can tiwst their heads around. Thanks, Julie.

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