Water & Roses

Finally got some more water to irrigate. Many of our roses and iris will be very happy.

Tuscan Sun

Canada Rose for Resa, Dale, Rebecca and Gigi

Major Tom Peepers, Sleepy and Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa, inspired by Tabatha Towhee’s performance the other day, tries doing a little Owlet Opera singing.

Mona Lisa hitting the high notes. She was a real hoot.

Mona Lisa bowed and thanked everyone.


Double Delight doubly delighted by back lighting from the sun.

Betty Boop

Cherry Parfait

Sliver Moon


42 thoughts on “Water & Roses

    • Thanks, Brian. Sleepy was in the nest not showing his little sleepy face earlier in the afternoon. He decided to get out and wait for dinner. Mona was singing for her dinner.

  1. I’m not surprised Mona Lisa gave such a great performance with all the gorgeous blooms around her! If only we could hear her too!
    Speaking of blooms, they certainly look happy. I love your silver Moon and pre sunset painting!

  2. Falstaff bloom is stunning. Never knew owls had to reach 2 to hoot. You mention you finally got some more water. Is your allotment consistent or hit or miss?

    • Hi Maj & Sher. They are rationing irrigation water. I’m getting every 3 or 4 weeks now.

  3. That Tuscan rose! and then an owlet opera and then more beautiful roses… but no, that’s not all… that sliver of a silver moon and that pre-sunset. Just. Wow.

  4. And now I find that you are also a rose whisperer!! As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: β€œThere is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.” A lovely collection of roses to celebrate the growing family.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I hadn’t mentioned to you that I’m a rosarian of sorts. I used to compete in rose arranging and won all the different awards one can win, including “Queen of Show”. I worked hard for the QoS because my brother-in-law thought rose arranging was not very manly.

      • How wrong he was! All I needed to do is go on a Google Search to find Peter Beales who was a specialist in classic and species roses, preserving many old and wild roses at his Norfolk nursery and also introducing 70 new cultivars. He was also the author of several classic books on roses.

      • There are a lot of men who are into roses. Actually, my BiL has come around to liking plants, flowers and insects since he has in own garden now.

    • I think they are pretty close to the same. Each set is different. Thanks, Tiffany.

  5. You had your own Carnegie Owl concert, Mona Lisa seems to be a very good soprano and apparently the audience was thrilled! And it’s a lovely festival of color too, your roses are gorgeous.

    • You are so clever, Flo. I love Canagie Owl concert. The owlet’s had standing room only crowds. Thanks, Flo.

  6. Gorgeous blooms, wonderfully captured, Tim.
    THANK YOU for that pretty rose.
    You are still “Queen of Show”!
    The owlets are so adorable together!

    • Hi Resa. The Canada Rose is a very happy rose. It is very affectionate, also. It grabs onto me every time I walk by it. The owlets are so cute.

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