Major Tom Tests His Wings

As you can see, Major Tom Peepers flew up into the crotch of the tree above the nest, leaving Sleepy and Mona Lisa below.

Mona Lisa: “Sleepy? What are we gonna do about Major Tom Peepers flying the coup?”


Mona Lisa: “That was mean Major Tom!” Sleepy: “I’m going to try my wings!”

“That didn’t do anything! There’s Major Tom Peepers all proud of himself!”

Mama Owl up above.

“You two are pathetic!”

Daddy Owl in the next tree to the south.

Sleepy: “Who are you calling pathetic? You hurt Mona Lisa’s feelings.”

“Who me? I hurt Mona Lisa’s feelings. She’s too sensitive!”

“Sorry Mona!”

“Look here. I’m biting myself on the leg to make up for it!”

Major Tom Peepers finally flew back down and all three were watching for dinner at sunset.

Another photo of pre-sunset clouds I got on my first visit to the owlets this afternoon.

46 thoughts on “Major Tom Tests His Wings

  1. The first to stretch its wings and experience their special gift. Still pulling for Sleepy, we have a kindred virtual spirit being the third child and all. Keep us posted on the progress.

  2. These are beautiful photos of the owlets Tim! They are growing up fast. With luck they will have owlets of their own someday.

    I enjoyed the moon and sky, too. I saw the moon here last night.

    • Lucky you on the moon. It’s been really pretty. They do grow like little owl weeds. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Oh my! I guess they will be leaving home soon, although they are still quite fluffy.
    Will Mama & Papa Owls have another brood over the summer?

    • Hi Resa. They only have on set of owlets per year. The season is too short for more than one owletting.

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