41 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

    • Thanks, Susan. She’s pretty happy this year despite the dryness. BTW we need to plan a Dr. Huey tour. Lavinia was asking about it. Our Dr. Hueys are just now thinking about blooming. The ones along Corrales Road are in full bloom.

      • That would be great. IN PERSON again, much as I appreciated the virtual tour of 2020. I have been using my phone for yard photos this spring. Time to get my camera in shape! 😎

  1. You’ve got both ends of the day covered there, including what looks like great examples of virga, rain the falls and evaporates before it hits the ground. The photos are beautiful andI love that rose, too.

  2. Beautiful roses!
    You live in a very special place on earth!
    The skies are insanely gorgeous. It would be odd to have a bland sky. The Cottonwoods have greened up beautifully! When will the cotton happen (if)?
    Is that my tree forefront on the right side?

    • Hi Resa. It’s our little corner of paradise. Your tree is off center and not even too far left under all the mayhem in the morning shot. It is the prominent right-handed tree under the cyan & lavender sky in the last photo.

  3. Too early for any real blooms here yet and probably for the best as we recently went through a mid 30’s cold spell. Our new flowers had to spend some extra time in the house waiting for better conditions to plant – all in now and just waiting for them to pop.

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