Contrails & Special Shapes


Today was the special shapes rodeo. I did not see as many special shapes as in years past. Many of them barely rose above the trees and then went back down.

All the contrails for the morning jets.

Clouds are best at making special shapes.


Thirty-Nine Wild Skies

Thirty-nine wild skies. One for each year Laurie and I have been married. Be sure to click on the gallery to view a slide show of the photos.

All of the clouds to the north at sunset tonight were contrails.

The owlets were lined up tonight in their order of age. Major Tom Peepers on the highest branch in front. Mona Lisa in the middle, and Sleepy mostly hidden farthest back.

Morning, Noon & Almost Night


Are you finding yourself well rested, and full of energy after waking up to a clock showing the time an hour later than normal? I’m not.  The photos in the series today were taken at 9:31 am, a little before noon (11:48 am) and at 7:09 pm.

When I noticed the contrails casting shadows on the clouds above them, I had to do a drive-by photo. The effect was so weird because I was heading east, the sun is still pretty far south, yet the shadows were cast on both sides of the contrails as if there were two light sources: the sun from the south and another light source from the northwest. Furthermore, for the contrails to cast shadows at all, it’s as if the sun were below the clouds. This is when things STOP making sense, you reach a DEAD END, the sun goes down, and you’re still confused.