Orchiding, Planking, Expressing

Spunk, Silver and Sasha “Orchiding”.

The kitties are trying to invent a new fad “Orchiding”, prefect an old fad “Planking” and Marble just felt like expressing herself.

Spunk, Silver and Marble (in the background) “Planking”.

Marble expressing herself.

Thunderheads building up.

66 thoughts on “Orchiding, Planking, Expressing

    • Thanks, Gigi. I just did a first go at a parody you inspired. I’m emailing it to you.

  1. I loved all the kitties! Marble is very expressive! The clouds are something, aren’t they? They are one of the wonders of the world. All different, some days like looking at a kaleidoscope.

    Finally so reasonable rain here today, though not quite enough. No moon viewing tonight.

  2. Awww…. and they all do it all so well! Gorgeous orchid and Spunk, Silver & Sasha know it!
    Spunk, Silver and Marble remind me I got to do my planks! πŸ˜‰
    Perfect Marble expressions. I bet those thunderheads are about to create a wonderful canvas.

  3. I did not know you were a orchid whisperer, Tim. They are extraordinary, especially when you position near the kitties – love the names, which perfectly with their faces. You have the best times.

    • Hi Rebecca. That’s an orchid Tristan gave Laurie for Mother’s Day. Spunk was whispering to it. They kitties are always providing entertainment.

      • That’s right. Did you change the address on your blog? I get a blog deleted when I click on walesforevercymru.

      • Great. I think I’m following you again. WP gave me a bit of a run around signing up.

      • I thought I was already following you but I’ve just had to press follow again. Hopefully we’re ok now. Good to be in touch again. Your photography is amazing, a great example for me. Thank you.

      • I think there was some confusion as I downloaded my WordPress site into a zip file and deleted it online. My mum and dad passed away and I was lost for a while. But I knew I would return in time to WordPress and to my many friends here. I didn’t realise that I would lose my followers and they would lose me, but hopefully it will be sorted soon. [The site address is still the same.]

      • I was going to go to a hosted WP site in 2018, but when I figured out I’d lose all my followers and all my follows, I gave up on that idea. It’s not like I have that many followers, but there were 8 years of history I would have lost by going to a hosted site at that time.

      • Yes, I’ve learned a lesson here – don’t delete, just take time out when necessary!!

      • Thank you Timothy for the kisses. I really like the American desert of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I hope to go back to visit it very soon.

      • I hope to get back to Paris one of these days. We were supposed to go to Belgium last year for an international conference on construction grammar that got postponed to this August. However, we learned the Belgium government is limiting in-person participants to 400. Therefore, we are going to present our papers online. It’s disappointing, because I was going to get together with Herman and his cat Jimi. I think we will wait a year and do a vacation to Belgium, Paris and Normandy.

        Whenever, you visit New Mexico, we will have to get together and have coffee and maybe do some photo excursions.

      • I hope you will be able to come back to visit Paris and France, very soon. With the Covid health crisis, it’s not easy to travel right now, I understand well.
        I love America and I hope to return soon to visit New York, California, Los Angeles and Las Vegas (hello to John). Also, if I come to visit New Mexico, it would be a great pleasure and I would be very happy to meet you to get to know each other and make photos excursions. In the meantime I’ll taking you on a travel through my blog.

      • Thanks Timothy. I hope my blog makes you travel. It would be a pleasure to meet you when you come to Paris or when I travel to America (Arizona, Utah and New Mexico) for photo excursions. It would be a great pleasure.

  4. Oh they are so beautiful, amazing, fun too! I love your cats! Do you think I could grow a Cat’Orchid too? Does it need special soil? Will it be as beautiful? Will it purr?

    • Other people grow orchids. We buy them in their state of arch and full bloom. They are fairly easy to care for, but we have never gotten one to rebloom in a subsequent season. Thanks, Flo.

      • Oh, I grow orchids, they bloom again for months after a little rest, but here I was talking about Cat’Orchid, that very special species you have at home, with leaves, flowers and hair πŸ™‚

  5. Hahaha!!! Orchiding, when cats exist happily under blooming orchids. πŸ™‚

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